Appointments Board

The appointments board is a preparatory body to the president in matters relating to the employment and promotion of teachers. The appointments board also prepares questions about docentship.

The appointments board consists of a chair, a vice chair and seven members who are permanently employed as professor or associate professor. The students are entitled to representation by three members.


Anders Forsgren, Dean of Faculty


Anna Wistrand, professor


Folke Björk, professor
Monica Lindgren, professor
Linda Lundström, associate professor
Ulf Olofsson, professor
Mikael Skoglund, professor
Mats Wallin, professor
Britt Östlund, professor


Kerstin Lagerstedt

Term of office:

1 July 2019 - 30 June 2023

Belongs to: About KTH
Last changed: Jan 21, 2020