Management at KTH

Sigbritt Karlsson
President of KTH

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Mikael Östling
Deputy President
Responsible for strategic interactions and research infrastructure


Katja Grillner
Dean of Faculty
Responsible for the quality of research and education

- Chair of the Faculty Council
- Academic quality
- Faculty hiring
- Academic leadership
- Maintaining faculty support

Per Berglund
Vice Dean of Faculty
Responsibility for education on first, second an third-cycle levels

- Structure and dimensioning of educational programs
- Educational quality assurance
- Pedagogical development and digitalisation of education
- International and national educational collaboration
- Continuing professional development and preparative education


Anders Lundgren
University Director

- Responsible for the university-wide administration
- Overarching administrative co-ordination and development
- Quality assurance
- Efficiency


Vice Presidents

Annika Stensson Trigell
Vice President for Research

- External research financing
- Research centres
- Interdisciplinary platforms


Jan Gulliksen
Vice President for Digitalization

Responsible for digitalization
- Investigate KTH's position regarding digitalization of education, research and collaboration
  as well carry out a competitor analysis and benchmarking
- Make recommendations regarding digitalization for positioning KTH
- Develop a strategy for digitalization at KTH


Göran Finnveden
Vice President for Sustainable Development

- Chair of KTH Sustainability
- Sustainability in education
- Sustainability in research


Anna Wahl
Vice President for Gender equality and values

- Development of a plan for gender mainstreaming at KTH
- Explore gender inequalities
- Development of goals for gender mainstreaming
- Formulate measures and initiatives for gender mainstreaming
- Development of work with values


Stefan Östlund
Vice President for Global relations and overall international cooperations

- International strategies
- Strategic partner universities
- International student recruitment


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