KTH's Faculty Council

The Faculty Council represents the entire faculty and acts as an advisory body to the President. The Council has overall responsibility for issues relating to the quality of education, research and community interaction.

The Faculty Council is made up of the following:

  • Seven teachers holding a teaching appointment at KTH and who have scholarly or artistic competence, i.e. a doctorate or equivalent; one of whom is the chairman.
  • Three external members who are not employed at KTH.
  • Students, who have the right to be represented by three members.

Three representatives from the trade unions are entitled to attend and speak at the Faculty Council's meetings.

Back row from left: Sanny Gergeo Shamoun (facklig repr), Susanne Norgren, Lennart Kjellman, Olav Vahtras (facklig repr), Monika Topel, Anna Delin, Lars Nordström
Front row from left: Svea Ekelin, Per Berglund, Katja Grillner, Mats Engwall, Anna-Karin Tornberg
Abcent: Johan Håstad, Jacob Gramenius, Lars-Gunnar Hedström


Katja Grillner
Professor, School of Architecture and the Built Environment
E-mail:  dekanus@kth.se


Per Berglund
Professor, School of Biotechnology
E-mail: Per Berglund

Teacher representatives

Anna-Karin Tornberg
Professor, School of Engineering Sciences

Johan Håstad
Professor, School of Computer Science and Communication

Anna Delin
Professor, School of Information and Communication Technology

Carl-Mikael Zetterling

Lars Nordström

Lars Nordström
Professor, School of Electrical Engineering

Mats Engwall

Mats Engwall
Professor, School of Industrial Engineering and Management

External representatives

Lars-Gunnar Hedström
Systems Development, Scania

Susanne Norgren
Group Expert, Sandvik

Jacob Gramenius

Jacob Gramenius
Development Director, the Swedish Transport Agency

Student representatives
Lennart Kjellman
Veine Haglund
Monika Topel


  Anna Höglund Rehn

Universitetsförvaltningen, 08-790 91 63

Term of office

 2015-04-01 - 2019-06-30

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