Board of education

The Board of education is a body for university-wide matters concerning education and acts as an advisory body to the President.

Leif Kari (chair), Christina Divne, Elling Jacobsen, Sofia Ritzén (deputy chair), Arvid Nilsson (THS), Gunnar Tibert, Joakim Lilliesköld, Maria Håkansson

The Board of Education consists of eleven members: Vice President for Education (chair), Vice Dean of Faculty (deputy chair), seven members currently employed as Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor and three members representing the students.

Members of the current term July 1 2019- June 30 2023


Vice President for Education, Leif Kari

Deputy chair

Vice Dean of Faculty (prodekanus), Sofia Ritzén

Other members

Christina Divne

Lena Gumaelius

Maria Håkansson

Elling Jacobsen

Anna Jerbrant

Joakim Lilliesköld

Gunnar Tibert

Arvid Nilsson (THS)

Kasra Khatami Mashhadi (THS)


Karin Almgren

Meetings and protocols


Protocols (in Swedish)

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