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KTH is Sweden’s premier technical university, ranked 18th among the world's technical universities. We are recruiting Assistant Professors for 13 new positions to give more young scientists an opportunity to develop their competence in research and teaching. New Assistant Professors will receive a four-year starting grant, and more permanent base funding if they qualify as Associate Professors. Please see the available positions at the bottom of this page.

Meet Karin Bradley, Assistant Professor at KTH

KTH is a strong research institution covering a multitude of areas, including natural sciences, engineering, architecture, industrial management and urban planning. The atmosphere is open and collaborative, with the expressed purpose of overcoming traditional barriers between academic disciplines. We also collaborate closely with industry and society, which creates a natural arena – and better conditions – for the practical implementation of research results. At KTH, you will have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life, and at the same time contribute to society.

Our approach is broad. We pursue interdisciplinary research alongside the work of research groups within specific disciplines, and basic research is conducted side-by-side with applied research.

Below are links to the available positions, please follow the link to get more information or to apply:

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Last changed: Apr 01, 2015