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Cleaning checklist

Thank you for staying with KTH Relocation. Please go through the following check-list and make sure the apartment is clean when you move out. If the apartment is not clean, you will be charged a fee of 4000 SEK for cleaning.


  • Clean the hand-basin – in, above and under. Polish the facet.
  • Clean the shower or tub, including floor drain. Wash shower curtain and hang back up.
  • Toilet – inside and under. Take off the seat and clean the attachment. Please leave toilet paper as a courtesy to the next guest
  • Bathroom cabinet and mirror – clean the inside and polish the mirror. Be sure to clean all shelves.
  • Clean the floors and walls
  • Wash the shower curtain in the washing machine at 40 degrees and replace on hooks


  • Refrigerator and freezer – empty and clean. Do not leave food. Leave on.
  • Fan – wash up the filter in warm water and washing up liquid. Dry in the oven, at maximum 100°C for about 10 min
  • Cooker/oven– clean inside and above. If you can, pull it out and clean behind. Be sure you use proper cleaning liquid for the stove.
  • Cupboards, clean out the drawers and clean the cupboard doors
  • Leave all dishes and cookware washed, cleaned and put away
  • Clean sink, counters and polish facet. Clean tiles behind sink and walls


  • Clean off tables, bookcases and nightstand and remove all belongings
  • Clean off table surfaces, lamps, pictures and chairs, polish mirrors
  • Remove all bedding from apartment & wash the bottom mattress cover and mattress topper in washing machine at 60 degrees and replace on bed.


  • Clean all wardrobes, inside and above, please remove all personal items. Wipe down all doors and door handles. If you have personal items, or food items you do not want to throw away, please ask your KTH neighbors if they want them. Do not leave them in the apartment.
  • Wipe and clean all windows and windowsills in apartment
  • Floor – sweep and wipe clean with wet mop. Detach cloth attachment to mop and wash in the washing machine at 60 degrees. Leave to air-dry in apartment.
  • Make sure all lights are left in working order with working lightbulbs
  • Ventilation sockets – wipe clean. Pull out furniture and clean all baseboards.
  •  in the apartment, test smoke detector and replace battery if needed

For specific areas

  • In Tensta, cancel your internet subscription with Ownit  by calling 08 525 07 300 (due to GDPR rules, Tensta Tower cannot do this for you).
  • If you have a sofa with a cover, wash covers in washing machine at 40 degress and air dry. Replace on sofa.
  • If you have a vacuum cleaner provided in your apartment, remove vacuum cleaner bag and replace with a new one.
  • If you have a washing machine, make sure all the filters are clean.

Download a PDF of this checklist (pdf 499 kB)

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Last changed: Nov 26, 2020