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Before your arrival

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my keys when I arrive?

Contact us at  before your arrival and let us know what day and time you will arrive, so we can arrange how you will get your keys. Please note that in order to guarantee your keys are available to pick up, you will need to contact us at least one week before your arrival.

Can you remove furniture from the apartment that I don’t want?

No, KTH Relocation will not be able to remove furniture in the apartment. We can, however, usually replace beds with baby cribs and vice-versa.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No, KTH Relocation does not take deposits.

Will I get to choose an apartment from a list of offers?

KTH Relocation has a limited number of apartments. We usually can offer you a suitable apartment within a reasonable timeframe. We will send you one offer, which you can accept or decline. Housing from KTH Relocation is a service, not a right.

What is my address and apartment number?

Please see the contract we have sent to you before your arrival, or if you already have an ID, log in to our housing system  to see a copy of your contract.

I’d like to send myself a package before my arrival. Can I do that?

Your name will not be on your mailbox until move-in day, so if you would like to send yourself something, we suggest asking friends or family to send it after your arrival here. The post will not be able to deliver packages without the correct name on the door. Please note that most packages are not delivered directly to your building. You will get a slip of paper in the post telling you when and where you can pick it up. KTH Relocation is not able to accept packages on your behalf before your arrival.

You have told me I will get the keys on December 2nd, since December 1st is a Sunday. Can I get them on the Friday before instead?

No, we will not be able to let you into the apartment earlier than the date given on the contract, or if it is a weekend or holiday, the next weekday.

Dates of access: What day then, will I be let into my apartment?

Dates of access 2021/2022
Contract starts Date of access
October 1 2021 October 1 2021
October 15 2021 October 15 2021
November 1 2021 November 1 2021
November 15 2021 November 15 2021
December 1 2021 December 1 2021
December 15 2021 December 15 2021
January 1 2022 January 3 2022
January 15 2022 January 17 2022
February 1 2022 February 1 2022
February 15 2022 February 15 2022
March 1 2022 March 1 2022
March 15 2022 March 15 2022
April 1 2022 April 1 2022
April 15 2022 April 19 2022
May 1 2022 May 2 2022
May 15 2022 May 16 2022
June 1 2022 June 1 2022
June 15 2022 June 15 2022
July 1 2022 July 1 2022
July 15 2022 July 15 2022
August 1 2022 August 1 2022
August 15 2022 August 15 2022
September 1 2022 September 1 2022
September 15 2022 September 15 2022
October 1 2022 October 3 2022
October 15 2022 October 17 2022
November 1 2022 November 1 2022
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Last changed: Sep 17, 2021
Before your arrival
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