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Staying in our apartments

Frequently asked questions and answers

Something is not working in my apartment. How do I report a fault?

Please fill out the form for fault reports .

The apartment was dirty when I moved in.

Contact KTH Relocation  right away.

Can I pay the invoice with a credit card? Can I pay in cash?

Invoices from KTH can be paid on KTH pay .

If you would like to pay in cash, please visit a Forex bank. We do not take cash at KTH. All the information that Forex needs about where and how to pay is on the invoice.

My contract only lasts one year. Can I extend it? What should I do then?

KTH Relocation will not extend your contract after the first year. You will need to find housing on your own. Please make sure you are in the housing queues . We also suggest talking to friends and building a network to find new housing.

I’m missing items in the kitchen.

Contact KTH Relocation  and let them know what you are missing.

I lost my keys.

During business hours, Monday-Friday you can contact KTH Relocation to see if we can help you. Otherwise, you will need to call the emergency number for your building (see the information in the entrance or on the documents we have given you). In some cases, you will need to call a locksmith, but check with the emergency service number first. Please note that in most cases, you will be charged for the costs for the lost keys and the locksmith.

My neighbors have really loud parties.

First, try to talk to the neighbors and see if they can quiet down. Otherwise, contact Störningsjouren, if you have this service where you live (see your housing site)  and report the noise.

Can I have a guest in my apartment?

You are welcome to host a guest in your apartment for short periods. Please note that you are not allowed to take on a roommate or rent your apartment, or part of your apartment to anyone else.

My apartment seems cold. What should I do?

Swedish apartments should be 18 degrees C or warmer. If you suspect your apartment is colder than that, please report it here. Space heaters are not allowed in our apartments. If you feel it is cold, you should wear a sweater or slippers indoors.

I've discovered I have bed bugs, what do I do?

Please fill out the form for fault reports . It is free for the tenant to get rid of the bed bugs.

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