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Apartment details 34B

KTH Relocation's apartments at Drottning Kristinas väg 34B 

Internet and Utilities

Internet access is included in the rent. A router with wifi will be provided. Your network name and password are on the router. If you have problems, you should contact Comhem at 0771 55 00 00.

Water and electricity are included in the rent.

Apartment specifics for 34B

Drottning Kristinas väg has two types of apartments, one-bedrooms and two bedrooms. Some of the two-bedrooms have a balcony. Please note that some furniture may differ from the floorplans.

Floorplan of one-bedroom apartment
Floorplan of one-bedroom at 34B
Floorplan of 2 bedroom apartment with bathroom, balcony and kitchen
Two bedroom apartment at 34B, please note we cannot guarantee you will get an apartment with a balcony

All apartments offer a kitchen with refrigerator, stove and oven plus pots and pans. Basic kitchen utensils and equipment are provided in the apartment. Dishes and silverware are also included. Please use a special cleaner, made for the stovetop.

One-bedroom apartments include a 140 cm bed, small sofa and table and chairs for four people. They are 31 sqm.

Two-bedrooms apartments include a 140 cm bed and a 90 cm in the second room. This bed can be changed out for a baby crib, if needed. Some apartments have a balcony. We cannot guarantee that you will get an apartment with a balcony.

Separate bathroom with a shower, and cupboard for storage. A washing machine with drying function is included.

No bedding is provided with the apartment. If wish to purchase it, please contact KTH Relocation. It costs 700 SEK and we invoice you together with the rent.

A bucket, mop and vacuum cleaner will be supplied in the apartments. The mop cloth can be washed in 60-degrees and air-dried. All apartments have wooden floors which need special care. Use the vacuum cleaner at least once a week, and only use the Swedish product “Såpa” on the floors (no bleach, ammonia, etc). You will need to supply your own bags for the vacuum cleaner. Please see our cleaning instructions for move-out.


Each apartment has its own washing machine with a drying function.

The area

The closest tunnelbana (subway) station is Tekniska Högskolan, the same station as KTH Campus. Exit toward Teknikska Högskolan, and follow the signs to KTH. Walk on the main street through campus, Drottning Kristinas väg. The building is located about a 10-minute walk from the tunnelbana.

There is a small shop in the tunnelbana of Tekniska Högskolan. There is an ICA located at Birger Jarlsgatan 122, the closest one to the KTH Campus.

Garbage & Recycling

The garbage and recycling room are located to the left of the main door to 34B.


You will receive a key for your door, a plastic key to give you access to the front door and the bicycle room. In order to lock your front door, you will need to pull up on the handle first. We recommend, due to fire safety, to only use the lock you can turn on the inside of the door when locking the door when you are home. You will also receive a key to your mailbox. If you lose your keys, you will be charged 4000 SEK.

Bike storage & BBQ area

There is a large bike storage located off of the park. You can also access it from the ground floor, the door is marked “Cykel”. You can also store baby strollers and prams. Please contact KTH Relocation for access to the pram room at 34B.

There is a nice park between the two new buildings, and it includes a barbeque. Please use caution when using the barbeque, and make sure to clean up after yourself.

Heat and ventilation

The apartments are heated from a central system. When the set temperature has been reached, the light on the controller will be turned off. That does not mean that the heating is turned off, it means that the temperature coming out is now maintained. Make sure the pointer is at the max temperature to receive the most heating possible.

Terms and Conditions

Residents should give two full months’ written notice (e-mail is ok) to KTH Relocation if they wish to move out before their contract ends.

We are unable to send invoices to other universities.

We send out invoices to your e-mail once a month, starting with the month before you move in. Rent is due the last day of the month before. For stays two months or shorter, KTH Relocation will charge a 1000 SEK short-stay fee. For terms and conditions, please see your contract and our FAQ housing page .

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Apartment details 34B
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