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KTH Relocation has housing both on-campus and off-campus for researchers who are new to KTH and arriving from abroad.

We have both family apartments and studio apartments, and a few apartments with one-bedrooms for couples.

We cannot take requests for certain types of housing or locations, but allocate housing according to what we have available when you register, when you arrive, and what your family situation is. You will get one offer from us, and you can accept it on your pages , or chose to say no and look for housing on your own . We do not have waiting lists, and we do not change offers unless a family situation changes.

If you reject our offer due to no residence permit or travel complications, please indicate that on your rejection. You are welcome to contact us again by e-mail in the future, and we can activate your application and give you a new offer. In general, if you are uncertain about your arrival or your permit, we recommend contacting us when it is a bit more certain and applying for housing then.

Please see the list below for housing that we offer, and general information if you already have moved in and are living there.

On Campus


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Last changed: Jun 18, 2021