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Being new in Sweden might be a challenge

Time: Mon 2019-06-03 16.30 - 17.30

Location: Brinellvägen 8

Participating: KTH Relocation

If you are planning on staying 8 months or longer in Sweden…

Once a month, we give a Q&A about being new in Stockholm and what KTH Relocation can do for you and you are most welcome to attend.

Next meeting is on June 3rd between 4:30-5:30 pm

Focus is on:

  • Housing market
  • Insurance
  • How and why to register at a medical clinic
  • Banking
  • Safety, at KTH and in the society
  • What to expect from KTH
  • Benefits at KTH
  • What is your own responsibility
  • Spouses and partners

Bring your questions or forms you received (in Swedish) and we´ll sort things out together.

Please sign up at:

to confirm your participation. If you have a spouse, he or she is most welcome to attend.

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Last changed: May 13, 2019