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How you present your research in 2 min so you blow people off their chair

Time: Thu 2021-04-15 13.00 - 16.00

Location: Zoom

Lecturer: Pontus Ströbaek, director and professional lecturing mentor and Anders Sahlman, research communicato

“What is your research about?” That is probably the most common question you will get during your

career as a researcher. Being able to answer that question in a short and effective way, opens up for

conversations with many people outside the research community, which will help you to further your


But how do you tell a story about your research? A story is not about making things up - but learning

how to structure the information in a way that makes it easy to follow and understand. In this

workshop you will learn how.

After the workshop you will have:

• A story draft about your research

• An approach for you on how to build a story

• An understanding of how to use dramaturgy in your presentations

Elements of the workshop:

• What you have to gain from communicating your research

• Identify the elements of a good story

• How to choose which parts of your research are suitable to tell as story

• How to build a dramatic line through your story

• Dare to present with emotion!

Workshop leader:

Pontus Ströbaek, director and professional lecturing mentor

Anders Sahlman, research communicator and presentation coach

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