Developing employee skills

Continuous updates of knowledge are crucial for anyone who wants to remain competitive in the field of technology and research-intensive industries. KTH offers you lifelong learning through a large number of further education courses and collaborative partnerships.

Postgraduate program for experienced professionals

The Professional Licentiate of Engineering (PLEng) Pilot Run 2014-2017 is a two-year, specialized research school with a strong technical basis, adapted to specific industrial needs, and based on the existing Licentiate of Engineering (Lic Eng) Degree. PLEng is a specialist education program at postgraduate level. The program caters primarily to industrial participants and aims at training them for key leadership positions in the domain of research and innovation.


Executive programmes

KTH Executive School offers company executives the opportunity to develop their skills and improve the performance and competitiveness of their company or organisation. The programmes focus on business development in conjunction with structural changes, including changes in technology, re-regulations and competitiveness in an international environment. Each programme is designed for companies with a common business logic who are facing the same fundamental strategic issues and challenges in terms of revenue generation based on which a logical division is made.

Most management development programmes are spread over two semesters and conducted on a residential basis over a period of 12 – 20 days.

For more information, contact KTH Executive School at +46(0)8-790 96 92, email or visit

Personal exchange programme

The interchange of people between KTH and the outside world is an important element in the KTH collaboration model. A personal exchange means that you, as an employee of a company, institution or organisation, spend part of your working time at KTH or that a KTH researcher or lecturer spends time at the company where you work. This combining of careers is of great value to KTH and the collaborative partner. KTH offers three levels of personal exchanges: Adjunct Professor, affiliated faculty and the industrial doctorate.

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