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The Innovation Eco System at KTH

The Royal Institute of Technology lives and breathes innovation. Under our roof and with our cooperation people research innovation and entrepreneurship, create systems for innovation development, commercialize research results and embed innovation skills in our programs and courses. On this page we want to map the innovation activity at KTH and open the door to our eco system for innovation.

* This page is under construction and the current content is not complete. *

KTH Innovation provides qualified commercialization support

KTH Innovation’s most important task is to help KTH researchers and students commercialize their research results and ideas. Drawing on a structured process, relevant tools, established networks and qualified coaching we contribute to converting ideas into innovations.

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Greenhouse Labs

Greenhouse Labs will house young hightech and growth oriented chemical companies for a limited period during their startup phase. We offer modern labs and offices with a excellent infrastructure. Greenhouse Labs are located within easy access of teaching and research at the School of Chemical Science and Engineering, at the heart of the KTH campus in an environment that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship. The labs are scheduled to open after the summer of 2012.

STING helps innovators and entrepreneurs to build export oriented technology companies for the futur

The business incubator STING is a non-profit company owned by the Electrum foundation; a collaboration between the business community, research and the City of Stockholm. The main partners are KTH and Innovationsbron.

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Venture Cup - Sweden's leading business plan competition

Venture Cup is an organization that helps people with business ideas to develop and implement them. This is done by a business plan competition in which participants get feedback, coaching, training, inspiration and access to a large network - all free of charge.

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PIEp works for system changes for increased innovation capability.

PIEp is a national, long-term programme to increase innovation capability in people and organizations. As an established national network organization, PIEp is working towards a new innovation climate - new knowledge, new professionals, new products, new processes and new businesses.

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CESIS - uncovering major driving forces for innovation

KTH CESIS - Center of Excellence for Science and Innovation Studies - was established as a research centre in 2004, with the mission to organise and carry out studies of innovation systems with a specific focus on Sweden.

More details about CESIS can be found on their website

Excitera – the student driven, non-profit entrepreneurship association in Stockholm, Sweden

Excitera wants to create an interest in entrepreneurial activities and the commercialization of research results, and to connect students, academic researchers and people from the industry.
The association has four independent projects and the easiest way to take part in their activities is to visit the events that they arrange. The next step is to participate in one of the annual competitions, or to join a project team.

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SSES – a leading academic facility in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship

The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) is a collaboration between Stockholm’s top five schools. We are established to provide the member schools’ students with education, training and inspiration in applied entrepreneurship.

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