Postgraduate program for experienced professionals

The Professional Licentiate of Engineering (PLEng) Pilot Run 2014-2017 is a two-year, specialized research school with a strong technical basis, adapted to specific industrial needs, and based on the existing Licentiate of Engineering (Lic Eng) Degree. PLEng is a specialist education program at postgraduate level. The program caters primarily to industrial participants and aims at training them for key leadership positions in the domain of research and innovation.


PLEng offers companies new opportunities to provide employees with advanced professional development. Research efforts can be strategically planned and steered towards generating innovative products, services and processes.

PLEng started in November 2014 with 11 students from the industry, who will devote at least 2/3 of their time pursuing their postgraduate education.

PLEng is different from a traditional Licentiate of Engineering education which is typically geared towards recent MSc-graduates. PLEng candidates are experienced professionals with a strong business and entrepreneurial expertise. Rather than just focusing on the acquisition of deeper knowledge in a subject area, the PLEng research focuses on developing innovative solutions to specific problems.

The domain of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)  was chosen as a key focus area for the collaboration between KTH, BTH and ÖU within the PLEng Pilot Run 2014-2017. CPS use computations and communication deeply embedded in and interacting with physical processes to add new capabilities to physical systems. CPS range from minuscule (pace makers) to large-scale (the national power-grid).

The PLEng Pilot Run 2014-2017 is carried out in collaboration with the Knowledge Foundation (KK-Stiftelsen), Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) and Örebro University (ÖU).

The program is carried out with financial and operational support by the Knowledge Foundation. Their sponsorship and assistance are gratefully acknowledged.

Program Director
Ivo Martinac