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Co-operate in innovation projects

KTH is an innovative environment, where we develop technology and knowledge that can help solve challenges in society. KTH Innovation helps ideas and research results from KTH reach a market, where they can create impact. Read on to find out how you can engage in innovation projects from KTH.

KTH is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, where an complete innovation support system and close connections with national and international ecosystems create opportunities for new technology to reach a market.

Every year, KTH Innovation supports over 300 ideas from students, researchers and employees at KTH. With a structured process and internationally recognized methods, ideas from all areas of technology get the best conditions to succeed.

In KTH Innovation’s premises centrally on KTH Campus, academia, industry, and policymakers meet in a vibrant and interdisciplinary arena for innovation.

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Contribute to innovation projects from KTH

If you, your organization or your company want to contribute directly in innovation projects from KTH, there are several ways.

The teams that KTH Innovation supports often need to build a complete team, bring in consultants for shorter assignments, or secure funding or investment. By joining KTH Innovation’s networks, you’ll get regular updates on current openings.

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Opportunities for co-operation

The innovation support system at KTH is internationally recognized and KTH Innovation’s methods and processes are implemented at universities around the world. At KTH, students, researchers and employees develop innovative solutions in close connection with industry and society.

KTH Innovation works in the very earliest stages of the development of an idea. This includes investigating whether a research result could be commercialized, or supporting a student in the development of an idea for a new product or service. On the way towards the market, they need feedback, financial support and test beds for pilot projects. In that process, there are many opportunities for companies to contribute with your expertise, and to be at the forefront of the development of your particular industry.

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