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Collaborate with researchers

At KTH, your company or organisation can develop its knowledge base and benefit from the accessible research and innovative environment offered at KTH, by making use of collaborative research outputs, research centres and contract research opportunities.

Collaborative research

Participating in a collaborative research project is an effective way of staying at the forefront of a particular subject area, develop one’s own knowledge base, and gain access to new research findings. Project partners can include industrial corporations, municipalities as well as other universities and colleges. Projects represent a distinct research environment and follow a predetermined project plan with clear objectives and a project delivery process. Your company can either get actively involved in the research and development work or contribute with problem formulations and requirement specifications. Contact Research Support Office for more information about collaborative research.

Research Support Office

Research centres

Involvement in a research centre is beneficial for companies with past experience in collaborative research projects but with a desire to get more involved in long-term research. At KTH’s research centres, research is conducted in line with a more open programme description. Here, it is possible to propose and conduct research projects requiring a more focused effort. A Board of Directors leads each research centre with members representing both industry and society. Involvement in a research centre will lead to a long-term accumulation of knowledge in a specific subject together with an extensive contact network.

Competence Centres

Contract research

Companies and organisations requiring more focused results can conduct specific studies or develop their knowledge base through contract research. This research is wholly or partially funded by industry and aims to scientifically examine, analyse and develop a specific problem formulation. The end product is new research that you as the contractor can commercialise and implement in your own operations.

Contact  if you would like to discuss possible contract research project or just want to know more.

Available research infrastructure

KTH offers an extensive infrastructure for research and innovation in a number of advanced research environments, many of which are accessible to technology and research intensive companies and organisations. You are welcome to use these resources, including laboratory and technical equipment, for performance of tests and demonstrations or verifications of concepts.  

Long-term partnerships

KTH has a large number of collaborative partners that are essential for the qualitative enhancement of research and education offered at KTH. Our collaborative partners comprise various sized companies, research institutes and public organisations. The initiative to form a partnership can either come from one of KTH’s core operations, KTH Management Group or an external partner.