Collaborate with KTH

Collaborating with KTH gives you an excellent opportunity to develop the knowledge base of your company, gain new perspectives on research questions and access an advanced infrastructure for research and innovation in an international environment.

We regularly collaborate with external corporations and organisations and base our questions on the needs of relevant industries.Allocating resources for collaboration with universities is an important part of business research and development activities. This applies in particular to technology and research-intensive companies and organisations.

Co-operate in innovation projects

KTH is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, where a complete innovation support system and close connections with national and international ecosystems create opportunities for new technology to reach a market. With support from KTH Innovation, over 300 teams of students, researchers and employees at KTH develop their ideas towards the market every year. If you are interested in innovation from KTH, there are many ways to get involved.

Contribute in innovation projects