Information regarding office move

  • You need to have packed your office latest April 27th. All boxes need to be labeled and marked with the room number you are in. (A list with detailed room number will be sent latest April 6th).
  • May 4th you are all welcome to our new workplace at Albano! (Subway station: Tekniska högskolan, busstations: Ruddammen or Albano)
  • Screens, computers and other things which are not packed in boxes and will be moved by the moving firms need to be labeled with room number.
  • There are containers on level 2 and 4 for paper, “grovsopor” (everything except electronics and food) and electronics) IF these are full, please let me know.
  • No furniture is going to be moved to the new house since it will be fully furnished according to attached PDF
  • The offices needs to be “clean” and by that we mean furniture can be left for the moving company to take care of. Please sort and throw away as much as possible!

Since we still need to consider the situation with the Coronavirus, there are a few safety rules:

We know this is a big change and in this very special situation, decisions can happen fast. But let’s do this together! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either your head of unit, Carlota Canalias or me. We are working to make this transition as smooth and good as it can be.

Information meeting – office move to Albano.pdf (pdf 4.9 MB)