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KTH Centre for Naval Architecture

Welcome to the KTH Centre for Naval Architecture. Read about our research and education by following the links to the left.

Autonomous Hydrographic Mapping of Shallow Waters

Here is a clip from some experiments performed on May 18, 2016.

International Ship Stability Workshop in Stockholm June 13-15

KTH Naval Architecture is, in collaboration with Chalmers and Lighthouse, arranging the 15th International Ship Stability Workshop (ISSW2016) in Stockholm June 13-15. The proceedings can be found here .

Human Submarine Success

On Dec 4, the student designed, built and operated humas submarine was finally demonstrated in the 50m pool in Örebro. The demonstration was a success with many impressive runs. Sustained speed of above 4 knots was obtained and noone got hurt ;-) Here are a few links:

Clip and interviews from SVT

Nerikes allehanda

Naval Architecture in the Arctic

Jari Krützfeldt, a masters student at the Centre for Naval Architecture is sailng aboard the Swedish icebreaker Oden in the icy waters at the mouth of the Greenland’s Petermann Glacier. His mission is to drop 10 deep-water LoTUS probes to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, barely 1,100 km from the North Pole. Read more here here .

Design review of the Human Powered Underwater Vehicles

On may 19, the two KTH Naval arcitecture teams MOB and Nautilus presented their designs for fast swimming Human Powered Underwater Vehicles. The expert panel put the student teams to the test and made the students stand up for their designs. Useful feedback was given and will likely lead to some design improvements. Next semester the two vehicles will be built and run :-)

Human exposure to vibration and shock on high-speed craft

Katrin Olausson has presented and successfully defended her licentiate thesis entitled "On Evaluation and Modelling of Human Exposure to Vibration and Shock on Planing High-Speed Craft". Read more about Katrin's research and download the thesis introduction from here .

Solar boat finalized

In December, in the darkest time of the year, KTH students finalized the solar powered boat Hefring. The boat has been developed as part of the course Naval Design in collaboration with students in a similar course at the University of Tokyo. An earlier version of the boat was racing in lake Biwa in Japan in August. The photo shows the KTH team and the boat without solar panels.

KTH AUV tested in blue water

New blue water tests have been performed with the KTH Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). The test aim was to verify manoeuvring and control performance from the murky waters in Sweden and test new diving techniques to allow for use of more energy efficient propellers in submerged conditions. The tests were very fruitful with many insights on how to develop new manoeuvring techniques. The overall goal is to contribute to research on sustainable monitoring of shallow waters using autonomous submerged vehicles. This an ongoing project with collaboration with other groups at KTH as well as with groups at other universities. 

Friendly water drones

Naval architecture students from KTH and industrial design students from Konstfack have collaborated in exploring new innovative concepts for friendly water drones, i.e. autonomous or remotely operated water vessels for civil applications. Three different themes were explored - public transportation in Stockholm, cleaning the ocean from plastic waste, and sea rescue. Below is one example of the developed concepts.

Vattenvägen 365 – nytt samarbetsprojekt för en hållbar framtid

Med drivkraften att bidra till utvecklingen av hållbara transporter i städer runt om i världen startar KTH och Vattenbussen AB forskningsinitiativet Vattenvägen 365 med stöd av Sjöfartsverket, ett långsiktigt arbete för kollektivtrafik- och citylogistiksystem i urbana miljöer med avsikten att identifiera förutsättningarna för ett hållbart vattenburet kollektivtrafiksystem för året-runt-trafik integrerat i befintliga kollektivtrafiksystem. [ Report (pdf 8.2 MB) ]

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