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Running gear for freight wagons


Sources of funding

Banverket/Trafikverket, Bombardier Transportation, SL AB, Tågoperatörerna, Interfleet Technology

Research Direction

UIC double-link suspension
UIC double-link suspension

The project is firstly aimed to study and learn how freight wagons behave dynamically on track. This is made both for standardised running gear and for novel designs.

The second step is to analyse and test possible improvements in the designs, in particular the standardised designs now dominating in Europe. In the project, special attention is given to the very common link suspensions, their characteristics and the possible effects on variations in the characteristics. Substantial improvements by means of additional hydraulic dampers have been suggested and tested on modified two- and four-axled wagons on track. Speeds up to 170 km/h have been tested.

In 2007, Per-Anders Jönsson defended his dissertation on the topic "Dynamic Vehicle-Track Interaction of European Standard Freight Wagons with Link Suspension".

A third part of this project is to investigate the causes of track deterioration and to propose mathematical models for prediction of deterioration.
In autumn 2010, a new phase of the project started with a subproject called " Wheel profiles for freight wagons in Sweden ".


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