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The benefits of research and education will be highlighted

Two new Impact responsible at the School of Engineering Sciences

The SCI School Impact responsible Zuheir Barsoum, Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering and Val Zwiller, Applied Physics, together with the School Communicators Sofia Nyström and Karin Blom.
Photo: Leif Kari
Published Mar 14, 2018

Hi Zuheir Barsoum, Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering and Val Zwiller, Applied Physics, you now have the role as Impact responsible, you are in charge of the School of Engineering Sciences impact work, what does this mean?
– The mission aims to identify and highlight the social benefits of the SCI School education and research. We are working in a school-level Impact group together with the communicators Karin Blom and Sofia Nyström as well as attending the central KTH impact activities.

Why is impact work at KTH needed when we already do the work with the ‘public outreach’ (tredje uppgiften)?
–The public outreach, which means that colleges and universities must share their knowledge concerning education and research, is an important part of KTH's activities. Impact is defined more as an effect or benefit to our society. How we influence our environment, how knowledge and results can be made visible to people outside the academia world. Impact is defined in different ranking systems and some research announcements apply impact as one of the parameters in their assessments.

What is going on at the moment?
– Our school is involved in external activities such as collaborations with companies, homework assistance and student activities at Vetenskapens hus. Currently we are visiting the research departments to inform about the impact work and the comming impact workshops that will be organized to improve our work. After that we plan to make an "inventory" of all impact cases at school to compile a so-called impact case list. A list of various cases where you will be able to see how our business has affected and benefited the society outside the walls of KTH.

Where can external people outside KTH find information about your impact activities at the School of Engineering Sciences and KTH?
– On KTH's central website and on our School page, we will continuously inform about our research and education activities and if you want to know more details about the impact work, you will find information about it on KTH's central Impact page.

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