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Most images below are taken from our Image Contest entries. Want to be part of this "Page of Fame"? Do submit an image to the image contest.

2017-12-23: "Glowing nanocrystal creature" by Federico Pevere, Nano-Si, KTH
2017-12-22: "Finding exosomes" by Miao Zhang, Nano-Si, KTH
2017-11-23: "The smallest SU logo?" by Adem Björn Ergül, KIKO, SU
2017-10-23: "The correlations of a Swedish chessboard" by Robert Lindberg
2017-09-18: "Pine pollen" by Miao Zhang
2017-06-20: "Crystal Domain" by Hoda Kianirad
2017-02-13: "Luminescent wood" (Ilya Sytjugov)
2016-12-02: "Lighting up a dark Swedish lab" (Federico Pevere)
2016-10-22: "Day of Tentacles" (Thomas Lettner)
2016-09-20: “An Arago spot” (Marcin Swillo and Gunnar Björk)
2016-08-19: “Viking’s horn for optics” (Eleonora, Oscar, Ruslan, and Mounir)
2016-04-27: “Channeling light” (Dimitri Geskus)
2016-03-04: “And there is light” (Walter Margulis and Oleksandr Tarasenko)
2015-11-15: "Through the thorns" by Miao Zhang, MNF/ICT/KTH
2015-10-15: Silicon microspheres in silica sphere derived from Si-core fiber tip melted a CO2 laser (Michael Fokine & Ursula Gibson)
2015-09-02: The world’s smallest dancer (?) resulted from a dust on a photo-resist grating (Charlotte Liljestrand).
2015-03-11 (“Second-harmonic generation from GaN nano pillars" by Reza Sanatinia)
2015-01-27 (“Polymer cracks” by Lech Wosinski)
2014-11-24 (“Blooming nanowires” by Aburpa Dev)
2104-10-30 ("Happy Halloween!" by Miao Zhang)
2014-08-18 (image of Si membrane by Miao Zhang et al.)
2014-04-30 (image by Mahtab Sangghaleh)
2014-02-12 (Fei Lou and Himanshu Kataria)
2014-01-21 (Jin Dai)
2013-12-01 (Gleb Lobov)
2013-10-15 (Bikash Dev Choudhury et al.)
2013-09-01 (Martin Levenius)
2013-08-12 (Min Yan)
2013-07-15 (Marcin Swillo)
2013-06-01 (Hoda Kianirad)
2013-04-01 (Gunnar Björk)
2012-11-15 (Benjamin Bruhn)
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