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ADOPT Image Contest

Images historically stemmed from optics, although in modern days they are more precisely interpreted as mapping of signals of various physical nature using instruments or through computer rendering. The power of imaging can’t be under-estimated: photographs for example have in many ways shaped our view of the world, either sociologically or scientifically. This contest on one hand aims at promote synergy between ADOPT and its members, and on the other hand allows ADOPT to better expose its research results to a broader audience through your story-telling images.
Requirements and conditions:

  1. Image format: As a minimum 1024x768 pixels, in JPG, TIFF, or any vector graphics format.
  2. Source: Photograph, microscope (SEM, TEM, AFM etc) image, or computer-generated graphics/plot.
  3. Image content: Optics- and photonics-related, including e.g. nanostructures for realizing a photonic function. Digital post-manipulation is allowed; manipulation should be described in the accompanying text.
  4. Accompanying text: Mandatory; maximum half A4 page; it should describe techniques used for obtaining the image and the scholarly content of the image.
  5. Right to use: ADOPT has the right to use all submissions free of charge for publication on its website as well as in paper form (annual report etc). The copyright owner's name shall then always be displayed.
  6. Evaluation criteria: Aesthetic appeal (50%); scientific content (50%).
  7. Prize: TBD; prize to be given to a person not a group; number of prizes TBD.
  8. Eligibility for participation: ADOPT-linked students and seniors.
  9. Submission: send image and text to Min Yan (miya ÅT by 3:00PM 2017-Oct-09.
  10. Notification of award: ADOPT Day 2017-Oct-17.
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