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Mode-locking of an Yb:KYW laser with carbon nanotubes

Milestones achieved

  • Materials were purchased (see budget plan).
  • Cavities are designed and all necessary materials available.
  • A 1 GHz Yb:KYW cavity with QD-SESAM was designed and evaluated, giving 2ps pulses with an average power of 100mW in stable mode-locking regime.
  • A 100 MHz cavity was designed and is in construction.
  • Initiation of technology and knowledge transfer from single wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) specialists in South Korea established, four samples received and future collaboration planned.
  • Process and experiments for spin coating SWCNT is planned and ready to begin.

Future work

  • Spin coat PMMA to bulk mirror substrates and characterize optical properties.
  • Spin coat SWCNT with PMMA with different thickness and characterize optical properties (linear and nonlinear absorption as well as transient behavior) using the 100 MHz laser.
  • First evaluation of SWCNT samples on a bulk mirror substrate first inside the 100 MHz cavity.
  • Following that, evaluation of the SWCNT in the GHz cavity and spin coating onto other cavity components.

Budget plan

Spend money until today:

Position Cost (SEK)
Single walled carbon nanotubes (1g, high purity) 3377
Volume Bragg grating 11564
Bulk mirror substrate (3) 1675
Dielectric high reflective mirror 1675
Yb:KYW crystal 5969
Total cost 24260


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Kai Seger (

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Royal Institute of Technology
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