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News 2009

11 December: Mittuniversitetet, KTH and Acreo demonstrates telepresence.

The 2009 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded one of the pioneers in fiber optics, and the inventors of the CCD-array. On Dec. 14, at 13:00 in lecture hall D1 at KTH (Lindstedtsvägen 5), Mittuniversitetet, KTH and Acreo will use these technologies to make a presentation about applications of optical fiber technology. The speakers will all be at Sundsvall, however, but their talks will be relayed in real time as a large screen “hologram” to the audience at KTH. Those who want to participate need to take their seats at 12:20, at latest. If you want to see the talks remotely, please check out the webb-tv link:

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11 December: Photonics students are among the winners of Best Student Presentation Award 2009 at Asia Communications and Photonics Conference, Shanghai, China.

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23 November: One more activity spurred by this year’s Nobel prize in Physics

Open lectures "Light on fibers" at Albanova celebrating the Nobel Prize in Physics for Prof. Charles Kao on Dec. 9, 13:15-15:00 at lecture hall FR4. Read more:

Invitation (pdf 336 kB)

20 November: Don't miss the 2009 physics Nobel Prize lectures on Dec. 8!

On Dec. 8 at Aula Magna, Stockholms Universitet, beginning at 09:00, the 2009 physics Nobel Prize lectures will be delivered. Be there well in time, because when the auditorium is filled to capacity, the doors are closed. For further information see:

20 November: Three mini-projects proposed by ADOPT graduate students share SEK 100 000.

At the ADOPT-day on Sept 11, the ADOPT mini-project grants for 2009 were announced. The winners of these grants have recently been announced. Three project shared SEK 100 000:
”Mode-locking of an Yb:KYW laser with carbon nanotubes” proposed by Niels Meiser and Kai Seger received 25 000 kr.
”Large aperture periodically poled Rb:KTiOPO4 crystals for optical parametric frequency conversion” proposed by Andrius Zukauskas received 45 000 kr.
”Collaboration with the University of Tokyo in the area of Near-field Optical Microscopy” proposed by Vytautas Liuolia och Andrea Pinos received 30 000 kr.

6 November: Two activities spurred by this year’s Nobel prize in Physics

On Wednesday, December 2, the ICT-school will celebrate Internet’s 40th anniversary and the fact that Prof. Charles Kao won half this year’s Nobel prize in physics for his development of the optical fiber. Without the fiber – no internet as we know it. For more details:

Invitation (pdf 74 kB)

News article: Välbesökt framtidsseminarium (Swedish)

The following Wednesday, December 9, there will be a half-day seminar about the optical fiber, spurred by Prof. Kao’s Nobel prize. The seminar will give a retrospective of the optical fiber, a discussion about its present status, and a presentation about some current research trends in fiber optics. Please see:

Invitation (pdf 46 kB)

5 November: Delegation from Acreo and KTH to Japan

During October 26-30, a six person delegation from Acreo and KTH went to Japan with the ambition to strengthen the research ties between Stockholm and Japan in the field of optics and photonics. Joining the delegation was the science counselor from the Swedish embassy in Tokyo. The delegation visited research groups at Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, NTT Basic Research Lab, NTT Microsystem Integration Lab, and NTT Photonics Lab.
The delegation believes that there are very good opportunities and possibilities to initiate joint research projects with several of the host institutions. In general, the hosts showed considerable interest in collaboration, either regulated by an agreement, a memorandum of understanding, or informally. The groups the delegation visited are among the top groups in the field of optics and photonics in Japan (and internationally). It was evident that both the Japanese government and the universities inject considerable funds into optics and photonics research as the field isconsidered strategically important both for the Japanese industry and society. The delegation was impressed both by the breadth and the depth of the groups’ research.

Delegation members:
Prof. Gunnar Björk, Optics and Photonics, KTH
Prof. Min Qiu, Optics and Photonics, KTH
Dr. Bertrand Noharet, Nanoelectronics, Acreo
Dr. Teresita Qvarnström, Nanoelectronics, Acreo
Dr. Qin Wang, Nanoelectronics, Acreo
Dr. Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz, Director of KPRC and Fiber Photonics, Acreo
Prof. Anders Karlsson, Science counselor, Swedish Embassy, Tokyo

For further information, contact or

The delegation visits Osaka University. From the left: Prof. H. Iwasaki, Prof. M. Ozaki , Prof. S. N
The delegation visits Osaka University. From the left: Prof. H. Iwasaki, Prof. M. Ozaki , Prof. S. Nishio, Prof. G. Björk, Prof. A. Karlsson, Prof. M. Qiu, Dr. T. Qvarnström, Dr. P.-Y. Fonjallaz, and Dr. B. Noharet. Dr. Q. Wang is missing.

12 October: Optics Day 2009

The annual optics day will be held at Kista on November 12. It will be a full day of invited talks, posters, product exhibition, and socializing. The Swedish Optical Society will hold its annual meeting in the evening, followed by a dinner. More information and instruction for registration will be available at:

9 October: The Nobel Physics prize awarded to optics research

2009 years Nobel prize in physics is awarded half to Prof. Charles Kao for his development of the optical fiber, and specifically for his investigations how to reduce their losses. The other half is shared equally between Dr. Willard Boyle and Dr. George Smith for their invention and development of the CCD detector. These detectors have been crucial for the development of digital cameras. For more information consult:

7 October: Experimental four-qubit bound entanglement

Elias Amselem (PhD student in Physics) and Docent Mohamed Bourennane, Swedish research council senior researcher in quantum information, physicists at Stockholm University observe for the first time four-qubit bound entanglement.

Short description of result (pdf 46 kB)

5 October: Photonics delegation to Japan

The last week of October, representatives from the three research excellence centers ADOPT, AFOC, and IMAGIC plan to visit universities in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. They will also visit NTT Basic Research Labs. The purpose is to seek for and initiate new research collaborations in photonics. The visit is coordinated by the “umbrella” center Kista Photonics Research Center together with the Swedish technical attaché in Tokyo. Dr. Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz, Dr. Teresita Qvarnström and Dr. Min Qiu will lead the delegation. The visit is sponsored by VINNOVA within their Global Links program.

1 October: New webmaster

Starting from October Samuel Olsson, Ph.D. student at the ICT school, is the webmaster of the ADOPT homepage.

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