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News 2010

20 Dec: Carlota Canalias Gomez is named SSF “Future research leader”

On Thursday December 16, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) announced that Dr. Carlota Canalias Gomez has been awarded a “Future research leader” grant. The grant gives Dr. Canalias Gomez 10 MSEK over 5 years to build her own research group. ADOPT already hosts two “Future research leader” awardees, namely Profs. Anders Karlsson and Min Qiu, making Dr. Canalias our third recipient. We congratulate Dr. Canalias Gomez to this prestigious award.

13 Dec: Docent seminar in Physics by Katia Gallo

Photonic crystals are materials patterned with periodic dielectric structures which are used in a broad range of applications, from telecommunications to biology and sensing. In this talk, several approaches to combining optical nonlinearities and photonic crystal structures are discussed. Time: Tuesday 2010-12-14 at 14.15 - 15.00; venue: KTH Albanova, hall FD5.

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06 Dec: ADOPT international scientific advisory board gives recommendations

ADOPT’s international scientific advisory board (ISAB), consisting of Profs. Roberta Ramponi, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy, Thomas Ebbesen, University of Strasbourg, France, and Gerd Leuchs, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany visited ADOPT on Nov. 25. After a day of presentations, discussions, and laboratory visits, they delivered a preliminary report, downloadable for the center members from the internal ADOPT pages. Overall the report is positive. However, ISAB gives some explicit recommendation to the ADOPT board and management how ADOPTs research profile and accomplishments can be improved further.

04 Nov: Japanese Nanophotonics researchers visit Kista

On Nov 2nd, Professors Naruse, Yatsui, Hori and Kobayashi from University of Tokyo, NICT and University of Yamanashi, Japan, visited KTH Kista Photonics. The visit resulted from Prof Thylens visit to Univ of Tokyo in conjunction with giving an invited presentation at the Global Center of Excellence International Symposium in Tokyo earlier in the year. The purpose of the visit was to further develop an ADOPT node in an international Nanophotonics Center of Excellence collaborative effort, involving the mentioned partners as well as universities in Australia and Germany. The center will among other issues study properties of nanophotonics at system level.

03 Nov: ADOPT researchers finish NORDITA program

ADOPT researchers Mohamed Bourennane and Gunnar Björk, together with Prof. Ingemar Bengtsson from Stockholm University have just finished a NORDITA program on Quantum Information throughout October. The program consisted of four, week-long workshops with different themes, each attended by about 20 international researchers, and an international conference that drew almost 200 attendees. The program was sponsored by the Nordic Institute of Theoretical Physics (NORDITA), the Swedish Research Council (VR), KTH, SU and ADOPT.

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18 Oct: ADOPT celebrates 50th anniversary of the laser

On December 9, ADOPT will host a Laserfest to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the laser. A full day of talks (and perhaps demonstrations) are planned, in the morning to be held at Kista, and after lunch to be held at Albanova. The afternoon at AlbaNova terminates by the semester’s last Optopub. A detailed program will be published at the end of November.

17 Oct: ADOPT’s international scientific advisory board is formed

The following international experts will form the ADOPT international scientific advisory board:

Prof. Roberta Ramponi, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy
Prof. Thomas Ebbesen, University of Strasbourg, France
Prof. Gerd Leuchs, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany

The board members will come to Stockholm on Nov. 25 to review the center.

17 Sept: ADOPT Day to come

The annual ADOPT day will be held on October 21, 2010 at Albanova, Stockholm.

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16 Sept: 3000 SEK to grab

Svenska Optiksällskapet will arrange "Optikdagarna" on October 19-20 at Lunds universitet. This is an excellent opportunity for ADOPT scientists and students to promote your work, to network with optics colleagues, and to listen to interesting talks. ADOPT will sponsor ten ADOPT Ph.D. or M. Sc. students with 3000 SEK to attend the event. If you are an ADOPT Ph.D. or M. Sc. student, speak to your supervisor about this exciting opportunity. The full program can be found here

Conference programme

13 Sept: Gunnar Björk elected to EOS board

The European Optical Society (EOS) members have elected Prof. Gunnar Björk, the ADOPT center co-ordinator, to its board. EOS' mission is to promote optics and photonics in education, research, industry, and in the society. The society presently has about 6500 members. The EOS board already has another Swedish member, Prof. Fredrik Laurell, who is also the ADOPT deputy co-ordinator.

10 Sept: Lecture at KVA by Fredrik Laurell

Fredrik Laurell will give a lecture at Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien, titled "Laser developments 50 years after its birth - from the coldest to the warmest in the universe". More information is available here:


3 Sept: Visit by Taiwan photonics delegation

A Taiwan photonics delegation, led by Prof Wood-Hi Cheng (National Sun Yat-Sen University), formed by the NSC (National Science Council, Taiwan) Photonics Program’s coordinators, managers, and several senior professors of Taiwan’s major universities, will be visiting ADOPT on 3 Sept, 2010. The purpose of the visit is to promote research collaboration and exchange with European academia institutes. A small workshop will be arranged, and there will be a series of presentations, starting at 09:00 at the FMI/QEO seminar room at Electrum 1, 3rd floor, by elevator C. For more information, contact

16 Jun: ADOPT gets renewed funding

On June 16, the Swedish Research Council (VR) announced the result and the consequences of the evaluation of the Linnaeus centers that was undertaken this spring. The recommendation from the panel, and subsequent decision of VR’s board, was to continue funding ADOPT at the present level, 9 MSEK/year, during, at least, the next three years. The whole evaluation report can be found here.

Evaluation report

4 Jun: Markus Henriksson defended his thesis

Markus Henriksson from KTH Laser Physics successfully defended his PhD thesis, titled “Tandem optical parametric oscillators using volume Bragg grating spectral control”. More information about thesis is available here:

KTH Library Publication Database

3 Jun: Visit by Prof. Orazio Svelto

Prof. Orazio Svelto will be visiting Albanova on 3rd of June. He will give a seminar “The laser, fifty years after it’s invention” the same day 15:15-16:00 at Oscar Klein auditorium, FR4. Don’t miss this chance to hear his presentation. Prof. Svelto has been working in the laser field from the beginning and is in very good position to give the retrospective.

18 May: Walter Margulis elected as OSA Fellow

Walter Margulis, research leader at Acreo Fiber Optic Center and a guest professor at KTH Laser Physics, was elected as Fellow of Optical Society of America. He was elected “for significant contributions to second-harmonic generation in glass, optical-fiber poling, and fiber devices".

4 May: Swedish Research Council evaluation

During the spring, the Swedish Research Council is evaluation all Linnaeus centers that were started in July, 2008. On April 14, the KTH president, Gunnar Björk, Carlota Canalias, Fredrik Laurell, and Min Qiu were called to an interview with the appointed evaluation panel. They are presently penning their report. On June 15, the Swedish Research Council executive board will decide on the continuing funding of ADOPT. The possible outcomes are status quo, or anincrease or decrease of the funding with 20 %.

4 May: First Mini-project report ready

The first Ph.D. student mini-project has been completed. Vytautas Liuolia and Andrea Pinos spent three weeks in Prof. Motoichi Ohtsu’s group at Tokyo University, to be trained in near-field probe manufacturing and advanced near-field measurement techniques. ADOPT would like to thank Prof. Ohtsu and his colleagues for their hospitality and sharing of know-how!

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Carlota Canalias
Carlota Canalias

13 April: Carlota Canalias gets Göran Gustavsson prize

Carlota Canalias has been awarded the Göran Gustafsson prize for young physics researchers. Primarily she is getting the prize for her outstanding work on nano-structured, functional, non-linear materials that will enable new tailor-made optical components. The prize sum is 500 000 SEK/year for 3 years.

31 March: Visit by Prof. Mitsuteru Inoue

Prof. Mitsuteru Inoue visited ADOPT on March 13-15, 2010 to discuss a joint research program on novel spintronic/photonic devices. To fabricate 3D photonic devices Prof. Grishin’s group provided M. Inoue’s group with 1D magneto-optical photonic crystals, tested their ferroelectric PZT/Corning glass films, and prepared high performance ferrite Y3Fe5O12/Si films to fabricate magnonic crystals using FIB and electron lithography in Toyohashi University. Prof. Grishin plans to host one Japanese Master Science student who will join KTH in 2010-2011 to carry out joint research. Prof. Inoue has visited ADOPT once before (on November 11, 2009) when he gave a seminar

Biography: Prof. Mitsuteru Inoue is a director of Advanced Photonic Information Memory Research Center at the Dept. of Electrical&Electronic Engineering in Toyohashi University of Technology. He is a visiting Professor at the Physics Dept. in M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and a visiting Professor of Electrical Engineering in Stanford University. His research directed towards formation of magnetic nanostructures for optic/high frequency applications, magneto-optical spatial light modulators, and collinear holography. He was granted with the Award of Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2008); the 19th Magnetic Society of Japan Outstanding Research Performance Award (2007); the 36th Ichimura Academic Award (New Technology Development Foundation, 2004); the Award of Funai Foundation for Information Technology (2004); the Award of the Promotion Foundation for Electrical Science and Engineering (2002), and the 1st Memorial Award of Andoh Research Institute (1988).

31 March: Optopub

The next Optopub will take place on Thursday, April 15 at the company OptoNova. See the ADOPT home-page in Swedish as the lectures will be given in Swedish.

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18 March: ADOPT Winter School on "Photonics for Energy"

Winter school on "Photonics for energy" held in Romme.

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17 March: Optopub

The next Optopub will take place on Thursday, Mar. 25. See the ADOPT home-page in Swedish as the lectures will be given in Swedish.

25 February: Two prominent visits

On March 3, ADOPT will receive a delegation from Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics at National Taiwan University, lead by Profs. Sheng-Lung Huang, Ching-Fuh Lin, and Gong-Ru Lin. There will be a series of presentations, starting at 09:00 at the FMI/QEO seminar room at Electrum 1, 3rd floor, by elevator C. In particular, 11:00-11:30 Prof. Lin will speak about “Nano-Structures and Solar Cells” and 11:30-12:00 Prof. Gong-Ru Lin will lecture about “Si Nanocrystal SiOx Based Light Emitting Diodes and Amplifiers”. For more information, contact

On March 9, starting at 13:00, at meeting room Ovalia, Electrum 1, 4th floor, by elevator B, Dr. Thomas Skordas, Head of the Photonics unit at the European Commission, will visit ACREO. This will give the Swedish optics and photonics communities an excellent opportunity to inform him about our research, innovation, industry, and education. Between 17:00-17:30 Dr. Skordas will speak about “EU perspectives for Photonics”. For more information about the visit, please contact

22 February: Optopub

The next Optopub will take place on Thursday, Feb. 25. See the ADOPT home-page in Swedish as the lectures will be given in Swedish.

22 February: Inter-sectorial courses and lectures

ADOPT does also have the ambition of providing opportunities to our graduate students and faculty members to get exposed to certain inter-sectorial areas of importance for career development. Towards this goal a few identified courses have been listed with their website. The students and the interested faculty members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of them. Registration information can be found on the website.

1) A Ph.D. course on ``Innovation and Technology Management’’ starting March 16. Lectures will be held in Sing Sing, KTH Campus Valhallavägen.

Course homepage - Innovation and Technology Management

2) A lecture on ``Getting to Plan B – How to develop a business model that
will actually work’’ by Prof. Professor John Mullins, London Business School.
Date and time: 11th March 2010, 15.00-17.00 (This clashes with our Winter
School schedule but can be attended by those who do not attend the Winter
School). Place: IVA conference center, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm.

More information

Some related earlier lectures

12 February: Spectacular results within near-field optics

Results of scanning of UV LEDs

Two KTH ICT researchers – Andrea Pinos and Saulius Marcenkevicius – in collaboration with an American company have studied UV LEDs by scanning near-field optical spectroscopy. They have discovered an unknown type of aging mechanism. The results have already contributed to improve UV LEDs and give longer lifespan.

Andrea Pinos and Saulius Marcinkevicius from the Optics group are connected to the ADOPT center. In collaboration with a company Sensor Electronic Technology (USA) they have preformed studies on UV emitting AlGaN quantum well LED by scanning near-field optical spectroscopy.

In the study, a novel aging mechanism, related to evolution of microscopic domains present in the active region of the device, has been discovered. These results have already contributed to further technological development of these devices.

The results have been published in Applied Physics Letters 95, 181914 (2009) and been highlighted in the January/February 2010 issue of a popular magazine Compound Semiconductor.

Read more in the magazine Compound Semiconductor page 42

18 January: ADOPT Winter School on Photonics for Energy

The winter school on Photonics for Energy, organized by the Linné Center for Advanced Optics and Photonics (ADOPT) at KTH will be held in Romme, Sweden on March 12-14. The lecture topics given by international experts are of utmost relevance to the energy needs of today and tomorrow. Romme is also a nice ski-resort ( and during the free-time the participants can go skiing. The total number of participants is limited to ~ 50. Look for the detailed program and registration by mid-January 2010. Priority will be given to the ADOPT members.

18 January: ADOPT members attend the Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony

Six ADOPT members attended the 2009 Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall. At the ceremony, half the physics prize was awarded by King Carl-Gustav to fiber-optics pioneer Prof. Charles Kao, and the other half to the CCD inventors Drs. Willard Boyle and George Smith. The attendees were Profs. Lars Thylén and Gunnar Björk, Drs. Marcin Swillo and Isabel Sainz-Abascal, and Ph.D. students Azziza Sudirman and Christian Kothe.

Isabel Sainz-Abascal, Azziza Sudirman, Marcin Swillo and Christian Kothe at the Concert Hall foyer.
Isabel Sainz-Abascal, Azziza Sudirman, Marcin Swillo and Christian Kothe at the Concert Hall foyer.

18 January: Second-year evaluation of ADOPT by VR

As stipulated in the contract, ADOPT will be reviewed by a panel of international experts on the behalf of Vetenskapsrådet in the spring of 2010. The center will have to deliver a report covering the first 18 months of financing on February 1, and a hearing with representatives from KTH and ADOPT will be held in the morning of April 14. At this stage it is mainly the organization, administration, and budget that is subject to review. Pending the outcome of the evaluation, ADOPT’s budget may be changed by 20% up or down for the coming years. The decision about the budget from July 2010 and until the five year evaluation in the spring of 2013 will be announced by VR at the end of June.

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