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News 2011

2011-12-14: Katia Gallo wins KTH’s gender equality prize
Dr. Katia Gallo has been awarded KTH’s gender equality prize for reviving and leading the School of Engineering Sciences' network for female academics. During the year, the network membership has doubled. Read more (in Swedish)

2011-11-24: ADOPT represented at the JORCEP Workshop 2011
At least three ADOPT researchers attended the JORCEP Workshop, held at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, on November 12, 2011. They were Lech Wosinski, Alex Grishin, and Patrik Rugeland. Read Lech’s report about the meeting here. Lech's report (pdf 9 kB)

2011-11-18: Fredrik Laurell elected as OSA Fellow
Fredrik Laurell, professor at the Laser Physics Group in the KTH Applied Physics Department, is elected as Fellow of Optical Society of America. He was elected “for pioneering contributions to the development of periodically poled materials and important contributions to laser physics and nonlinear optics”.

2011-10-20: Two visits and talks by Laserphysic group guests
On Wednesday 19 October, Drs. Matteo Conforti and Fabio Baronio, from University of Brescia visited the Laserphysics group, hosted by Dr. Katia Gallo. They gave a talk entitled "Modeling of supercontinuum generation in quadratic crystals". The following day Dr. Yan Sheng from Australian National University, also hosted by Dr. Gallo, gave a talk entitled "Managing light in nonlinear photonic crystals".

2011-10-20: ADOPT sponsors participation at Optik och Fotonikdagarna
ADOPT will sponsor up to 10 Ph.D. students (1st priority) or researchers (2nd priority) with SEK 3000 to attend “Optik och Fotonikdagarna” at Hudiksvall, 16-17 Nov., 2011. First come, first served!

More: ADOPT will sponsor up to 10 Ph.D. students (1st priority) or researchers (2nd priority) with SEK 3000 to attend “Optik och Fotonikdagarna” at Hudiksvall, 16-17 Nov., 2011. A requirement for eligibility is to present a poster and on it, acknowledge financial support from ADOPT and from VR. Granted money will be added to your supervisor’s/group’s ADOPT subproject 635XX (where the digits XX identifies the project) after the conference. Therefore, debit your costs to this project. To apply, contact the ADOPT center coordinator and let him know what ADOPT project number you want the money credited to. First come, first served!

2011-10-18: Prof. Serge Haroche visits ADOPT
ADOPT has the pleasure of welcoming Prof. Serge Haroche from Collège de France, Paris. Prof. Haroche is well known for his studies of decoherence of quantum systems. Prof. Haroche is invited by the French Embassy and the visit is co-ordinated by Prof. Mohamed Bourennane. During Prof. Haroche’s day at Stockholm he will visit several ADOPT groups, have lunch with other invited guests at the French Embassy, and finally give a AlbaNova and Nordita Colloquium where he will present his latest research results.

2011-09-27: Optik och Fotonikdagarna 2011
Welcome to Optik & fotonikdagarna 2011 arranged by Svenska Optiksällskapet (SOS). This year the conference is hosted by Fiber Optic Valley. The conference will be held Wednesday the 16 – Thursday the 17 of November, 2011 at Folkets Hus, Hudiksvall. More information will be available at the SOS home page. SOS home page

2011-9-23: ADOPT supports visits to the JORCEP-day
On Sept 9, Lech Wosinski announced a JORCEP-day to be held at Zhejiang University on 12 November 2011. All ADOPT researchers are welcome. More information about the event will be available on the ADOPT home page or can be had by contacting Lech, lech (at)

To strengthen the research cooperation ties between ADOPT and the Joint Research Center in Photonics at Zhejiang University (JORCEP), the ADOPT board has reserved 100 kSEK to support the travel costs for ADOPT researchers to the JORCEP-day on 12 November 2011. A maximum of 15 kSEK per traveler will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

To facilitate administration, charge your travel costs to your own ADOPT account (project numbers 63523 to 63532) and then send the center coordinator gbjork (at) an e-mail indicating the traveler and the account, and he will transfer the 15 kSEK to your account.

2011-09-23: JORCEP invites ADOPT researchers to Zhejiang University workshop
The workshop will take place on 12 November 2011 at Zhejiang University (ZJU) in Hangzhou, China organized in connection to Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP), 13-16 November 2011 in Shanghai, China (

JORCEP, The Joint Research Center of Photonics ( is a research and education collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and Lund University in the areas of nanophotonics, plasmonics, optical metamaterials, optical networking, biophotonics and environmental monitoring.

The goal of this workshop is to report and discuss the results of ongoing research in the cooperation projects as well as to explore new areas of collaboration and propose new collaboration projects.

We invite those who are working in the research groups active within the Center, but also new researchers from the broad field of photonics who would like to be engaged in the Center’s activities.

Please contact Doc. Lech Wosinski via lech(at) for more details.

2011-09-21: ADOPT Day 2011
The ADOPT day 2011 will be held at KTH in Kista on October 21. The invited talks and student presentations will take place at the auditorium C1 in Electrum between 9 AM and 5 PM. The day will finish with dinner and bowling at O’Leary’s Bowling in Kista Galleria. The detailed programme will be announced by the end of September.
More information
Register (by 3PM, 14th Oct)

2011-09-17: Change in the ADOPT board
Due to his engagement at Zhejiang University, Prof. Min Qiu has asked to be replaced as a member of the ADOPT executive board. KTH’s rector, Peter Gudmundson, has appointed Prof. Fredrik Laurell as Prof. Qiu’s successor.

2011-09-09: The quantum electronics and quantum optics lab has moved to AlbaNova
On July 1, Prof. Gunnar Björk’s group, QEO, formally moved to the Dept. of Applied Physics at AlbaNova. Quite naturally, moving a lab does not happen overnight. As of end of August, however, the new lab is nearing completion. Below are two photos from very different stages of the labs completion. The QEO group would like to thank everyone involved in helping them to set up the lab at its new location.

The new lab on June 30
... and on Sept. 6.

2011-08-26: Three talks by ADOPT visiting professor

Prof. Chinlon Lin is presently visiting Prof. Lars Thylén’s group, sponsored by ADOPT and the ECOC 2004 foundation. During his stay, Prof. Lin has promised to give three seminars. Two of them are scheduled to be given at Electrum, Kista. On Sept. 9, at 15:00, Prof. Lin will speak about “Advanced Laser Photonics R and D and Impacts on the Modern Human Societies”, and on Oct. 28, he will speak about “Nobel Prize and Bell Labs: Stories of Discoveries and Innovations in Photonic”. A third seminar “Smart Optical Information Systems,Broadband Telecommunications Revolution and Global Internet” will be given at AlbaNova, but the time is yet to be determined. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen and interact with Prof. Lin, who has had a long and distinguished career in optics and photonics.

2011-08-24: ADOPT hosts nano-photonics researcher

During the period Sept. 6 to 15, Prof. Valéry Zwiller from TU Delft will visit ADOPT. His host will be Gunnar Björk, but Prof. Zwiller will meet with several of the center’s research group. On Sept. 15, at 9:15, Prof. Zwiller will give a talk titled “Nano-optics with single photons” as part of the AlbaNova Applied Physics seminars at room FA32.

2011-08-17: ADOPT starts a Life and Career Planning Program for its female researchers

As the autumn term now is starting to unfold, ADOPT offers the first batch of female faculty, postdocs, and Ph.D. students to participate in a Life and Career Planning Program. In this first round, the program is directed to the female researchers. Pending the evaluation of this first round, we may open the program to all ADOPT members in the future. The deadline for application is Sept. 20.

Invitation to the Life and Career Planning Program for ADOPT female members (pdf 7 kB)

2011-06-28: ADOPT sponsors EUROPHOTON conference

ADOPT has agreed to be a sponsor to the 5th EUROPHOTON conference which will be held in Stockholm, 26-31 August 2012. The conference features the latest breakthroughs in the field of solid-state, fibre and waveguided light sources.


2011-06-16: Fiber laser seminar

Prof. Ömer Ilday from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, who is an expert in ultrashort and ultrastable fiber lasers will give a seminar 9:15 on Thursday, June 16, at FA31 at Albanova. The seminar title is “Nonlinear engineering of ultrshort-pulse fiber lasers and applications for nanostructure self assembly”.

2011-06-07: Seminar by Prof. Sergey Kulik, Moscow State University

Prof. Kulik will speak about “Control over frequency- and angular spectrum of a biphoton field and its possible applications for quantum communications”. The seminar will be held at lecture hall FB52 at Albanova, on Tuesday, June 7 at 10:00 o’clock.

2011-05-23: Seminars by Federico Capasso and Jim Murday

On Wednesday 25th of May at 4pm Kista science seminars will be given by two distinguished researchers within optics/nanotechnology: Federico Capasso, now at Harvard University, is the inventor of the quantum cascade laser from the time when he was at Bell Labs. His research has spanned a broad range of topics from applications to basic science in the areas of electronics, photonics, nanoscale science and technology including plasmonics and the Casimir effect. Jim Murday has a long career in solid state physics and chemistry at Naval Research Laboratory, and is now at the University of California’s Research Advancement Office Washington DC. He is also at the National Science Foundation and has acted in many boards for the advancement of nanotechnology in the US. Location: C1 lecture hall, Electrum, Kista.

2011-04-28: Two Postdoc positions

KTH School of Information and Communication Technology seeks two postdoctoral researchers in the following two areas: (1) Nano-structured semiconductors for photovoltaic applications, and (2) Two dimensional photonic crystal structures with active functionalities.

Read more

2011-04-21: Optopub on Thursday, April 28

Talks (in Swedish): ” Rent vatten - en bristvara” by Petra Wadström, CEO and founder, Solvatten AB, Stockholm, and ”Årets materialnyhet 2010 - ett tak som också är en solfångare!” by Frederic Telander, CEO, SolTech Energy Sweden AB, Tullinge. Time and location: Thursday, April 28, 17.30 – 18.30 o’clock, KTH-AlbaNova, Roslagstullsbacken 21 at hall FA32. If you wish to have dinner (sponsored by ADOPT) a confirmation to is mandatory at the latest on Tuesday April 26 before 15 o’clock. Read the program below.

Optopub 2011-04-28 program (pdf 411 kB)

2011-04-05: Optical Complex Systems

POP Süd, Pôle Optique & Photonique announces the conference Optical Complex Systems, Marseille, September 5-8, 2011.

Read more

2011-03-18: Optopub on Thursday, March 24

Talks (in Swedish): ” Miniatyriserat optiskt mätsystem för nano-ubåt” by Martin Berglund, Ph.D. student, Ångström Space Technology Centre (ÅSTC), Uppsala University and ”Tekniska lösningar för nyttjande av koncentrerat solljus i solkraftvärmeapplikationer” by Stefan Larsson, CTO and founder of Solarus, Norrtälje. Time and location: Thursday, March 24, 17.30 – 18.30 o’clock, KTH-AlbaNova, Roslagstullsbacken 21 at hall FA32. If you wish to have dinner (sponsored by ADOPT) a confirmation to is mandatory at the latest on Monday March 21 before 15 o’clock.

2011-03-17: Adan Cabello guest professor at ADOPT

Professor Adan Cabello from Universidad de Sevilla, Spain has joined the quantum information and quantum optics group at the physics department, Stockholm University, as a visiting professor for 6 months starting from 15th March, 2011. Prof Cabello’s research topics are on foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum information theory. He has been awarded a visiting fellowship from the Wenner-Gren foundation.

2011-03-08 Chinlin Lin to visit ADOPT

Professor Chinlon Lin, with a distinguished career in Photonics at AT&T Bell Labs, Bellcore and Chinese University of Hong Kong (as Professor of Photonics) will spend Aug-Oct 2011 at the Optics and Photonics Dept. in Kista. He will give seminars, short courses, and participate in discussions concerning modern photonics and its impact on modern society, the broadband telecommunications revolution as well as the Nobel Prize and Bell Labs: Stories of Discoveries and Innovations in Photonics.

2011-02-09: Katia Gallo appointed as Senior Researcher by VR

Katia Gallo
Katia Gallo

On the 26th of January 2011, Dr. Katia Gallo has been appointed by the Swedish Research Council (VR) as Senior Researcher (Rådforskare) for the discipline “Semiconductor physics, electronics, electrical engineering and photonics”. She is one of the 11 rådforskare (selected over all areas of science) awarded in the last call by VR.

Within ADOPT, she shall be engineering new integrated photonic devices, using the tools of micro and nano- technology to harness the high nonlinearity in ferroelectric crystals of the lithium niobate family. Her project is in the first instance targeting optical chips for telecommunication systems, but the technology holds the potential for new developments also in other fields such as quantum cryptography, medicine and biology. Katia’s project and its applications ideally match the excellence and interdisciplinarity of the ADOPT environment and we look forward to several years of exciting research together.

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