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News 2012

2012-11-23: ADOPT PhD student awarded in a best student paper competition
At the Information Optoelectronics, Nanofabrication and Testing (IONT) meeting in Wuhan, China in the beginning of November, ADOPT PhD student Fei Lou supervised by Doc. Lech Wosinski won a best student paper competition with paper entitled ”A sub-wavelength microdisk based on hybrid plasmonic waveguides”. IONT is part of the International Photonics and OptoElectronics (POEM) Meetings, a large-scale multi-disciplinary international conference in the field of photonics and optoelectronics. 

Fei Lou (first to left) receives the first prize.

2012-11-21: ADOPT researchers demonstrate the world's smallest disc-resonator filter
The soaring energy consumption in today's large-scale data centers, such as Google, Linkedin and Facebook, is not long term sustainable. To make internet data access, sorting, and routing more energy efficient, ADOPT researchers L. Wosinski, F. Lou, and L. Thylén have fabricated and demonstrated the worlds smallest optical disc-resonator filter, a device that has the potential to considerably lower the energy consumption in the data centers. Read more (in Swedish)

2012-11-19: SVT films at QEO lab
The Swedish National Televison (SVT) filmed some footage for a forthcoming program about the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics at the Quantum Optics and Quantum Electronics laboratory at AlbaNova. The filmed material will be used in the program Vetenskapens Värld. Dr. Marcin Swillo assisted the photographer to get visually pleasing laser light effects.

2012-11-16: Jonas Almlöf defends his licenciate thesis
On Dec. 19 at 14:00, Jonas Almlöv will publicly defend his licenciate thesis “Quantum error-correction” in lecture hall B5:1036 at AlbaNova. Jonas has studied means of efficiently combating errors due to a so-called erasure channel for photonic qubits. The opponent will be Doc. Jan-Åke Larsson from Linköping University.

2012-11-13: ADOPT researchers at Nobelmuseét
On Nov. 12, ADOPT researchers Elias Amselem and Gunnar Björk were invited to Nobelmuseét to explain the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics to groups of high-school students. The Nobel Prize day is an annual event at the museum, and is popular with the Stockholm schools.

2012-11-13: JORCEP workshop report
Several ADOPT researcher attended the annual JORCEP (Joint Research Center in Photonics) workshop, along with colleagues from Lund University, Zhejiang University, and South China Academy of Advanced Optoelectronics. The workshop was held during one intense but interesting day, on Nov. 6. Read a longer report here (pdf 32 kB) .

2012-11-05: Mikael Malmström will defend his thesis
Mikael Malmström, from the KTH Laser Physics group, will defend his thesis "All-fiber modulators for laser applications", on 18th of December 2012.

2012-10-20: ADOPT participates at AlabNova Open House
On Oct. 20, AlbaNova University Center opened its doors to the public. Two ADOPT researchers contributed to the program; Prof. Mohamed Bourennane held a lecture explaining the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, while Prof. Fredrik Laurel talked about “The laser 50+ years”. The public could also visit the Laser Grotto to get some hands on experience with optics and light. The full program can be found here .

2012-09-17: ADOPT participates in Researchers Night
The EU initiated and co-sponsored European-wide event Researchers Night will take place on Sept. 28. In Sweden there will be events at more than 20 different geographical locations, including Medborgarplatsen at Stockholm. ADOPT researchers Marcin Swillo and Gunnar Björk will give demonstrations on the strangeness of light wave – particle duality and on the utility of light in communication systems. For more information about the event see

Followed: Photos from ADOPT @ ForskarFredag

Top: Gunnar Björk explains “delayed choice” quantum experiments for high school students. In the foreground a portable single photon interferometer can be seen (and heard by the audience as the avalanche photo diode was connected to a loudspeaker). Bottom: a webcam picture is displayed on the screen for all students to follow the experiment as it is performed.

2012-09-17: ADOPT sponsors Ph.D. students at Optik & Fotonikdagarna
ADOPT will sponsor the full conference fee of the Ph.D. students that want to attend Optik & Fotonikdagarna, Oct. 18-19 at AlbaNova. The morning of the 19th the program will be jointly with ADOPT day, while in the afternoon of the 19th the programs will be separate. A requirement for sponsoring is to present a poster about your research, where ADOPT and Vetenskapsrådet are acknowledged. On the registration form, at “Fakturera mitt jobb:” write “ADOPT” to benefit from this offer.

2012-09-10: ADOPT supports visits to the JORCEP-day
Like last year, the ADOPT board has reserved 50 kSEK to support the travel costs for ADOPT researchers to the JORCEP-day on 06 Nov 2012, to strengthen the research cooperation ties between ADOPT and JORCEP. A maximum of 15 kSEK per traveler will be awarded on a first come first served basis. Should there be more than 3 applicants, the sum will be divided equally among them.

More information:

As every year we are organizing a JORCEP workshop in China. The workshop will take place on November 6th, 2012 in Guangzhou (Canton), China, and is organized in connection to Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP), 7-10 November 2012 (

JORCEP, The Joint Research Center of Photonics ( is a research and education collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and Lund University in the areas of nanophotonics, plasmonics, optical metamaterials, optical networking, biophotonics and environmental monitoring. The goal of this workshop is to report and discuss the results of ongoing research in the cooperation projects as well as to explore new areas of collaboration and propose new collaboration projects.W

e would like to extend this invitation to all of you who are working in the research groups active within the Center, but also new researchers from the broad field of photonics who would like to get engaged in the Center’s activities. The Linneaus Center in Advanced Optics and Photonics (ADOPT) is offering sponsorship for ADOPT-researchers.

Contact: Lech, lech (at)

2012-09-04: Opto activities this autumn
As usual, the autumn will offer many opto related activities, many of them sponsored by ADOPT. For your calendars, here are some of them:

  • Thursday, Sept. 27, OptoPub på Epsilon
  • Tuesday & Wednesday, Oct 9-10, IMAGIC days at Acreo, Kista
  • Wednesday, Oct. 17, PhotonicSweden working group meetings (all groups) (Kista or AlbaNova)
  • Thursday & Friday, Oct. 18-19, Optics and Photonic days at AlbaNova
  • Friday, Oct. 19, ADOPT-day at AlbaNova. The morning program held jointly with the Optics and Photonics day.
  • Thursday, Nov. 1, OptoPub at Hamamatsu at Kista

2012-07-01: ADOPT “art” on Phys. Rev. A home page
To adorn their home page, the editors of Phys. Rev. A select “artwork” from current published papers. The Kaleidoscope images are selected on the basis of their artistic merits. On the week of June 25, ADOPT researchers’ work was displayed. See the “art”

Kaleidoscope image on PRA website

2012-07-01: 8th grade honors summer school visits ADOPT
On June 18 ADOPT received a group of 8th graders from Tyresö premieskola, which is an honors summer school for students with top school achievements at Tyresö Kommun. The honors summer school includes visits to the Nobel museum, Tekniska Museet, Vetenskapens Hus, and to KTH. This year they visited the quantum optics and quantum information group’s laboratory at AlbaNova to see demonstrations of coherence, interference, and fiber optics, and to chat with the researchers.

2012-06-18: ADOPT researchers evaluated
On June 11-15 the research at ADOPT, KTH was evaluated as part of the Research Assessment Exercise. The ADOPT groups belonging to KTH at both AlbaNova and at Kista received site visits by an international expert panel. The outcome of the evaluation will be published after the summer.

2012-05-18: ADOPT announces the first image contest
Ever had an urge to hang an image created during your research in your office’s wall? Join ADOPT’s image contest. Read more

2012-05-14: PhotonicSweden annual meeting, work-group meetings, and Optopub on May 31, 2012.
Starting at 13:00 on May 31, the whole afternoon will be filled with various events organized and co-organized by PhotonicSweden, the Swedish Optical Society, and ADOPT. Note that registration for the events is mandatory! Program (pdf 1.5 MB)

2012-05-07: Saroosh Shabbir talks about her project and gets featured on KTH’s home page
ADOPT Ph.D. student Saroosh Shabbir was interviewed by KTH’s Kevin Billinghurst in conjunction with Nobel Physics Laureate Prof. Tony Leggett’s visit at AlbaNova. Here is what she has to say about entanglement and research at KTH. Interview.

2012-04-27: Gustav Strömqvist successfully defended his thesis
Gustav Strömqvist successfully defended his thesis, Nonlinear response in engineered optical materials, on April 27, 2012.

2012-04-16: The 2nd Japanese-Swedish Workshop on Nanophotonics and Related Technologies

Date: Monday 18 June to Tuesday 19 June 2012
Venue: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Kista, Sweden

Few fields have experienced such a rapid growth in recent years as nanophotonics, fuelled by material  progress (plasmonics, quantum dots, low dimensional structures in general) and improved insight into light material interaction on the nanometer scale, allowing applications  in such varied fields as computer interconnects, telecom, medicine, lighting, solar energy harvesting to name a few.

This workshop, a sequel to an earlier one in 2009, features participation of prominent Japanese as well as US and Swedish researchers in the field.

Program to be announced. For information, contact Lech Wosinski at

2012-03-29: Postdoctoral scholarship to Isabelle Herbauts
Dr. Isabelle Herbauts was awarded a 2012 year Göran Gustafsson Foundation postdoctoral scholarship. Dr. Herbauts is currently supported by ADOPT and will start her new postdoc position at the QEO-group September 1.

2012-02-28: ADOPT represented at PhotonicSweden’s board
PhotonicSweden is a relatively new organization whose aim is to coordinate and lobby for research and development funding for Swedish optics and photonics. Its present board consist of 11 members, most of them from industry. ADOPT has two representatives, our board member Emil Hällstig and ADOPT co-ordinator Gunnar Björk. The organization’s  executive group consists of Petra Bindig, Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz, and Lennart B M Svensson. PhotonicSweden’s home page can be found at .

Katia Gallo

2012-02-21: Katia Gallo appointed associated professor
Katia Gallo has been appointed associate professor in Applied Physics at the SCI school with the research profile “ nonlinear integrated optics” from March 1, 2012. Congratulations!

2012-02-13: ADOPT International Scientific Advisory Board visit
On Feb. 9-10 the center’s scientific advisory board visited the center for the second time and was presented the center’s mission, research, organization, and funding. The advisory board had extensive discussions with most of the center’s senior researchers. The advisory board’s observations and suggestions are available to ADOPTs researchers on the internal pages.

ADOPT's scientific advisory board; Profs. Thomas ebbesen, Roberta Ramponi, and Gerd Leuchs with KTH Vice rector Prof. Gunnar Landgren.

2012-02-07: Talk by Sir Anthony Leggett
Nobel price winner Prof. Anthony Leggett will give a talk on quantum mechanics on Thursday Feb. 16 at 15:15 at AlbaNova. read more

2012-02-06: Winter School registration starts now
More information can be found on the Winter School main page .

2012-01-26: Joint ADOPT-APHYS seminar on Thursday, Feb. 2, at 9:15
Prof. Ulrik Lund Andersen from DTU, Denmark, will talk about "Quantum optical experiments – from centimeter to nanometer technology." Read more

2012-01-23: Workshop for improving your writing for international publication in English
We all publish our results in English. Do you feel your written communication skills could improve? Then attend the workshop organized by our sister Linnaeus Center FLOW and the Centre for Academic English, Stockholm University. Read more (pdf 251 kB)

2012-01-18: Talk by Prof. S. Hell, pioneer in super-resolution far-field light microscopy
Prof. Hell is the pioneer in super-resolution far-field light microscopy. In recent years, far field light microscopy has undergone a remarkable development, now offering spatial resolution far beyond the fundamental limits of optical resolution. Hear the talk on Thursday, Jan. 19 at 15:15 at the Oskar Klein Auditorium at AlbaNova.

2012-01-10: ADOPT announcing 2nd Winter School
The 2nd ADOPT Winter School will be held during March 22-25 at Romme Alpin ski center. The focus of this winter school will be on bio- and nano-photonics. The three-day event will be packed with research presentations, strategic discussions, and... skiing. Read more .

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