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News 2014

2014-11-30: ADOPT research graces the PRA Kaleidoscope
Physical Review A acknowledges particularly aesthetic scientific illustrations on its Kaleidoscope pages. In October 2014 some ADOPT graphics was featured. See featured image .

2014-11-24: Most-downloaded papers in optics carry ADOPT researchers’ names
From a recent summary by Optics Letters, some of its most-downloaded articles on the topic of “integrated optics” over the past two years are authored by researchers from the lab of Photonics and Microwave Engineering. See article “Ultracompact and broadband polarization beam splitter utilizing the evanescent coupling between a hybrid plasmonic waveguide and a silicon nanowire” and “Ultracompact polarization beam splitter based on a dielectric–hybrid plasmonic–dielectric coupler” from the list .

2014-10-16: Two 2014 Nobel prizes to photonics-related science
The 2014 Nobel prize in physics was awarded for the development of the blue light-emitting diode. These tiny light-sources have found their way into many applications from car headlights, to DVD (Blue ray) readers, and water disinfectant appliances and facilities. ADOPT member Prof. Saulius Marcinkevicius is co-operating with the prize laureate Shuji Nakamura on the characterization of the materials these devices are made of. The Nobel prize in Chemistry was awarded for the invention of the super-resolution microscope, another application of photonics. One of the Laureates, Prof. S. Hell is well known to the ADOPT community, having visited KTH numerous times. The SciLife Center, coordinated by KTH, has installed several super-resolution microscopes and the facility manager Dr. Hans Blom did his postdoc with Hell to develop the technique further. Read more

2014-10-07: This year’s prize is about light
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 was awarded jointly to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura "for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources".  More info

2014-10-01: Optics and Photonics in Sweden 2014 at Gothenburg
This national conference will take place on Nov. 11-12 and the ADOPT Ph.D. students and postdocs are encouraged to attend. ADOPT will sponsor up to 10 students/postdocs with 3000 SEK each on a first come first served basis.

Requirements: The sponsored student/postdoc must present a poster at the conference (where as usual, ADOPT and the Swedish Research Council (VR) funding should be acknowledged).

Procedure: Send an e-mail to to apply for sponsorship. First come, first served.

If approved, ask your supervisor to pay your conference fee and accommodation from his/her ADOPT project account. 3000 SEK will subsequently automatically be transferred back to the account. The student early bird conference fee is 1500 SEK + a 110 SEK PhotonicSweden/Swedish Optical Society membership fee to get the reduced conference price, so the sponsorship will cover your accommodation too.

The deadline for submitting a poster abstract is October 27. To read more about the conference and submission procedure follow the link  Click on the registration link on that page to register. Click on the Preliminary Program link on the page to read more about the conference.

2014-10-01: New ADOPT board members
KTH’s rector has appointed two new board members to ADOPT, Dr. Magnus Breidne from the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and Prof. Claes-Göran Wahlström, from Lund University and Lund Lasercenter. Both new members are well known profiles in the Swedish optics community. The two new members will replace Dr. Emil Hällstig, Optronics AB and Prof. Sune Svanberg, from Lund University and Lund Lasercenter who have both served six years on the board but who now have requested to be replaced. We thank Dr. Hällstig and Prof. Svanberg for their commitment to make ADOPT excel scientifically.

2014-09-23: Visit by the Advisory Board
ADOPTS International Advisory Board, consisting of Professors Roberta Ramponi, Politecnico di Milano, Thomas Ebbesen, ISIS Strassbourg, and Gert Leuchs, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen will visit ADOPT on Monday, Sept. 29 to discuss the center’s scientific progress and future plans.

2014-08-10: Gunnar Björk re-elected to EOS board
Prof. Gunnar Björk, co-ordinator of ADOPT, was re-elected to the board of the European Optical Society to serve a second term. The most important task for EOS in the near future is to consolidate its new office at Joensuu, Finland, and to improve the society’s finances, he says.

2014-07-31: ADOPT's photonics research article among top downloads for the fourth time this year
Silicon photonic research group at ADOPT got their articles published  by OSA in "Optics Express" and "Photonics Research" counted among "Top Downloads"  fourth time this year. This time article entitled “Integrated photonics in the 21st century” is ranked No. 3 in top downloads during May - June 2014. (links: Read article ; see the 10 most downloaded papers ).

2014-06-23: Young scientists explore integrated optics with ADOPT
During the RAYS (Research Academy for Young Scientists, summer school, Anton Möller and Hampus Gummesson Svensson spent a few weeks doing research at the Royal Institute of Technology. Under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Katia Gallo, they modeled and investigated optical waveguides in ferroelectric crystals.

Anton Möller and Hampus G. Svensson

2014-06-17: ADOPT receives continued funding
On June 16, the Swedish Research Council (VR) announced the result of the 2008 Linnaeus Centers of Excellence midterm evaluation. The evaluation panel writes: “The ADOPT centre has been able to consolidate a substantial critical mass of research in photonics materials, quantum photonics and nanophotonics and has established an exciting research programme that generates high impact results, raising ADOPT to the position of one of the world leaders in the field.” Based on the evaluation panel’s recommendation VR has decided to continue to fund ADOPT at the current level until June, 2018. Read more on VR’s web

2014-06-11: ADOPT sponsors travel to JORCEP workshop
ADOPT will sponsor joint activities with the Joint Research Center in Photonics (JORCEP) through sponsoring up to 5 ADOPT scholars to travel to this year's JORCEP workshop. This time the event will take place on 29th of August, at Canton China. A total amount of 40 kSEK is reserved for the sponsorship. Each person will get up to 8 kSEK. Those who would like to get the funding please email to Gunnar Björk ( First come first serve.

More info:

As every year we are planning to organize a JORCEP workshop in China. The workshop will take place on August 29th, 2014 at South China Normal University in Guangzhou (Canton), China, and is organized in connection to "The 35th Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium" (PIERS 2014), 25-28 August 2014 (

JORCEP, The Joint Research Center of Photonics ( is a research and education collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and Lund University in the areas of nanophotonics, plasmonics, optical metamaterials, optical networking, biophotonics and environmental monitoring.

The goal of this workshop is to report and discuss the results of ongoing research in the cooperation projects as well as to explore new areas of collaboration and propose new collaboration projects.

We would like to extend this invitation to all of you who are working in the research groups active within the Center, but also new researchers from the broad field of photonics who would like to get engaged in the Center’s activities. 

Workshop responsible at KTH: Lech Wosinski (

2014-06-03: Prof. Thomas Ebbesen Kavli Prize winner
On May 29, the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters announced that Prof. Thomas Ebbesen is the 2014 co-recipient of the Kavli prize in nanoscience. Prof. Ebbesen is also a member of ADOPT’s Scientific Advisory Board. We congratulate him warmly! Read more .

2014-05-30: ADOPT's research article pops out, again
Article titled “Integrated photonics in the 21st century” published on journal “Photonics Research” is among the most downloaded papers in the month of April. Read articleSee the 10 most downloaded papers .

2014-05-09: ADOPT’s research article featured top downloads
ADOPT members’ research article is ranked No. 4 in top downloads among all papers in Optics Express, based on statistics in April 2014. The paper proposes a type of true-nanoscale optical disk resonator based on a metal-dielectric multilayer structure. Its plasmonic mode nature allows optical resonances at telecommunication wavelength to be achieved with a disk radius of less than 100nm. See article by Fei Lou et al . Top-download list .

2014-03-11: Optopubs restart at Lund
Our friends in southern Sweden has now decided to re-start their local Optopub activities. The kick-off Optopub will be held on Tuesday, March 25, at Axis Communications AB at Emdalavägen 18, Lund. If you have to opportunity to attend, contact Daniel Karlsson at

2014-02-24: Elektroniktidningen highlights Si-photonics activities at Kista
The Swedish electronics journal Elektroniktidningen has visited Kista and surveyed the activities in Si-photonics. Four start-up companies coming out from KTH research are high-lighted. Two of them are started by ADOPT researchers. Read more (in Swedish) (pdf 3.0 MB)

2014-02-18: Next Optopub hosted by ACREO on Feb. 27
During the upcoming Optopub we will hear talks by Scint-X and Huawei Technologies Sweden AB. The Optopub will start at 17:30. Please register if you want an ADOPT sponsored dinner at Read more

2014-02-17: Professors from NTNU work with Laser Physics
Professors Ulf Österberg and Ursula Gibson from NTNU in Trondheim Norway are going to work as Affiliated professors in the Laser physics group at KTH during 2014.  Österberg’s work concerns THz generation using nonlinear optical techniques and Gibson’s work is devoted to a novel type of optical fibers with silica core for mid-IR transmission and advanced thin film optics.

2014-02-17: Isabel Carvalho visited ADOPT
Professor Isabel Carvalho from PUC i Rio de Janeiro has spent four weeks at KTH and ADOPT, in jaunuary and February, working with Walter Margulis on electro-optic fibers and with Michael Fokine on plasmonic fiber sensors.

2014-01-23: ADOPT career seminar by Dr. Annika Vänje
On Wednesday, Feb. 12 Dr. Annika Vänje from the Ergonomics Department at KTH will give a seminar on the theme “Addressing gender”. Whether you are a man or a woman you will face such issues in the course of your career both as an employee and as a manager. The seminar is strongly recommended for all ADOPT researchers and is compulsory for the ADOPT Ph.D. students. The time and the location are lecture hall 431 in the Forum building at Kista, at 10:00-12:00. Welcome!

2014-01-21: ADOPT’s mid-term evaluation approaching
On Wednesday, Jan. 29, a six-member, evaluation group from the Swedish Research Council (VR) will visit the center. In contrast to the evaluation after two years, this evaluation will focus on scientific accomplishments and quality. In June VR’s board will decide on the level of ADOPT’s funding until 2018. Keep your fingers crossed …

2014-01-15: 3rd ADOPT Winter School gives silicon a bold view
ADOPT Winter School on "Silicon's bright future" is going to take place under January 23- 26 at Romme Alpin ski resort. The event has attracted nearly 60 participants, most of them PhD students in the ADOPT community. Many classic and emerging topics around silicon will be presented through 14 invited talks by both national and international speakers. The student participants will also engage on active discussions and competitions regarding silicon technologies. More info

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