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News 2015

2015-12-20: Horizon 2020 ICT research support meeting
On 28 January 2016, Vinnova and Stockholm University invite you to an information meeting on ICT research and innovation support from Horizon 2020. Read more .

2015-12-11: ADOPT researcher discusses art and science
In the Swedish National Radio (SR) program “Nobel 2015: Inspiration och korsbefruktning”, ADOPT coordinator Prof. Gunnar Björk discusses art and its scientific implications with the artist Olafur Eliasson. The discussion takes place 11:50 minutes into the podcast, which one can listen here .

2015-12-09: ADOPT passes the coordinator relay baton
After ten years as the director, Prof. Gunnar Björk will step down, and the center now searches for his successor. Expressions of interest and suggestions for candidates should be submitted to the ADOPT Board Chairman; Gunnar Landgren,, before 2016-01-13. Read more on desired profile. (pdf 93 kB)

2015-11-20: ADOPT contributes to Light Festival ini Dome of Visions
[In Swedish] "När vintermörkret lägger sig över Stockholm passar vi på att uppmärksamma ljuset. FN har utropat 2015 till ljusets år för att öka uppmärksamheten kring forskning kring ljus och utvecklingen inom ljusbaserad teknik och den betydelse som forskningar har för ett framtida hållbart samhälle. Forskning med koppling till ljuset spelar en avgörande roll när utmaningar inom energi, utbildning, jordbruk och hälsa och har spelat en stor roll för en revolutionerande utveckling inom medicin och kommunikationsteknik och ljuset har en central roll i framtidens samhällsbyggande. Vi lyfter fram alla dessa aspekter i en serie föreläsningar. Vi kommer också att ha demonstrationer och utställningar under hela veckan. Kvällstid lyser vi upp Dome of Visions med hjälp av en ny installation som Ljuslaboratoriet på KTH producerar."

Visit för more information on Dome of Visions, and amazing activities happening inside. To know about International Year of Light, visit or .


  • 23/11 17.30 – 18.30 Light - a Solution to most of Mankind’s Challenges, Professor Fredrik Laurell, Laserfysik, KTH, berättar om ljusets stora betydelse när framtidens utmaningar ska mötas.
  • 24/11 17.00 – 18.30 Energy and Light: Hur kan modern teknik och nya typer av belysning sänka energiförbrukningen? Med Federico Favero, Ljuslaboratoriet, KTH och Christofer Silfvenius, Energimyndigheten.
  • 25/11 17.00 – 18.30 Light for health: Ljuset har en stor betydelse för vår hälsa både i förebyggande syfte och inom sjukvården. Med Professor Fredrik Laurell, KTH och Federico Favero, Ljuslaboratoriet, KTH.
  • 26/11 17.00 – 18.30 Light in Arts and Architecture: Ljusets betydelse för arkitekturen och byggandet. Med Rodrigo Muro, Ljuslaboratoriet, KTH och curator Björn Norberg, Dome of Visions.
  • 27/11 17.30 – 18.30 Light in science: Aktuell ljusforskning presenteras av professor Gunnar Björk, KTH.
  • 28/11 14.00 – 15:00 Light particles heavily impacting our lives: Inspiring overview of how light particles, the photons, heavily impact information and communications, clean tech, lighting, industry and the life sciences. Med Pierre- Yves Fonjallaz, PhotonicSweden.

2015-09-26: ADOPT sponsors travel to JORCEP workshop
ADOPT will sponsor joint activities with the Joint Research Center in Photonics (JORCEP) through sponsoring up to 5 ADOPT scholars to travel to this year's JORCEP workshop. This time the event will take place on 19th of November, at Hong Kong. A total amount of 30 kSEK is reserved for the sponsorship. Each person will get up to 10 kSEK. Those who would like to get the funding please email to Gunnar Björk ( First come first serve.

More info:

As every year we are planning to organize a JORCEP workshop in China. The workshop will take place on November 19th, 2015 at Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong, and is organized in connection to the largest conference in the Asia-Pacific region on optical communication, photonics and relevant technologies, ACP, November 19-23, 2015. (

JORCEP, The Joint Research Center of Photonics ( is a research and education collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and Lund University in the areas of nanophotonics, plasmonics, optical metamaterials, optical networking, biophotonics and environmental monitoring.
The goal of this workshop is to report and discuss the results of ongoing research in the cooperation projects as well as to explore new areas of collaboration and propose new collaboration projects.

Workshop organizers: Erik Forsberg ( from ZJU and Lech Wosinski ( from KTH.

2015-09-21: Sir Michael Berry talks at Albanova
Michel Berry, probably best known for his work on geometrical phases, the so-called Berry phase, and on singularities in EM fields, will come to Albanova on Thursday Sept. 24 and will hold a talk entitled “Nature’s optics and our understanding of light” at 15:15 at the Oskar Klein auditorium. Berry is an exceptional speaker (and thinker), so this is a talk most ADOPT member would not want to miss.

2015-09-18: ADOPT participates in Researchers Night
The EU initiated and co-sponsored European-wide event Researchers Night celebrates its tenth anniversary on Sept. 25. In Sweden there will be events at more than 20 different geographical locations, including Medborgarplatsen at Stockholm. ADOPT researchers Marcin Swillo and Gunnar Björk will give demonstrations on the strangeness of light wave – particle duality and Heisenbergs uncertainty relation. Read more

2015-09-18: ADOPT helps IEEE  Photonics Society and ACREO to introduce girls to photonics
On Oct. 7, IEEE Photonics Society will hold the global event “Introduce a girl to the exciting world of Photonics”. In Stockholm, ACREO will host the event and with talks, experiments, and the help of ADOPT domonstrators introduce optics and photonics to schoolgirls. Read more

2015-09-05: ADOPT members contribute to Fysik i Kungsträdgården 2015
"Fysik i Kungsträdgården" is a well-received yearly event that introduces physics to general public. Over one hundred researchers and students from research institutes and universities take part in the event and present their current research results as well as demonstrate various physical phenomena. Marcin Swillo, Fredrik Laurell, and Reza Sanatinia from ADOPT participated the event.  Read more on Fysik i Kungsträdgården 2015 .

2015-09-03: Optics and Photonics in Sweden 2015 at KTH
This national conference will take place on Oct. 28-29 and the ADOPT Ph.D. students are encouraged to attend. ADOPT will sponsor up to 15 Ph.D. students with 1500 SEK each on a first come first served basis.

More info:

Requirements and procedure for ADOPT sponsoring of Optics and Photonics in Sweden 2015:

The sponsored student must present a poster at the conference (where as usual, ADOPT and the Swedish Research Council (VR) funding should be acknowledged).

Send an e-mail to to apply for sponsorship. First come, first served.

If approved, ask your supervisor to pay your conference fee from his ADOPT project account. 1500 SEK will subsequently automatically be transferred back to the account. The student early bird conference fee is 1200 SEK excluding VAT (that KTH does not pay) so the sponsorship will cover the personal membership to PhotonicSweden that gives you the discounted conference fee too.

The deadline for submitting a poster abstract is September 28. To read more about the conference and submission procedure follow the link  A link on p. 3 of this document will lead you to the registration web-page.

2015-09-02: Ph.D. course in ”Managing the Innovation Process”
Many ADOPT Ph.D. students will be employed in industry as research or innovation managers. Here is a one week course aimed at giving an understanding of the world most doctoral students will enter once they graduate – the innovation process in companies and how R&D organizations are run, as well as insights into how new companies are formed. The course starts Oct. 12. Read more (docx 16 kB) . Schedule 2015 (doc 643 kB) .

2015-07-20: Näringslivsdepartementet seeks discussion on photonics
In preparation to the Research- and Innovation budget proposal this autumn, the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation seeks a dialog with research institutions and industry about “Key enabling technologies”. The discussion aims to identify the KETs and establish to what extent they create growth and job creation for the national industry. Anyone interested in discussing the topic is welcome! Time and location: Thursday 27 August, 10.00 - 13.30 at Swedish ICT, Electrum, Kistagången 16, Kista. Hiss B, floor 6. Please sign up at the latest on August 20 at

2015-06-17: Breakthrough in InP/Si photodiode by ADOPT researchers 
An InP/Si heterojunction photodiode (HJPD) was fabricated by corrugated epitaxial lateral overgrowth (CELOG) technology by Dr. Yan-Ting Sun, Giriprasanth Omanakuttan and Professor Sebastian Lourdudoss from the Laboratory of Semiconductor Martials in the ICT School. The defect density was reduced at the InP/Si interface by CELOG and a photo response observed for the first time in the InP/Si HJPD. The results published in Applied Physics Letters Vol.106, p213504, 2015  are highlighted in Semiconductor-Today magazine  by the editor of the latter.

Top-view SEM image of engineered seed InP/Si substrate for CELOG with Si surface exposed as circular openings in InP seed layer. Dashed lines indicate directions of growth initiated from surface of seed InP mesa. Inset: SEM/EDS mapping of InP and Si distribution. (b) Schematic cross-section n-InP/p-Si HJPD, not to scale.

2015-06-11: Normination - best thesis work in optics and photonics 2014/2015
[The normination announcement text is attached below, in Swedish.]

Som ni säkert redan känner till, delas priset ut till ett examensarbete, vid ett universitet eller en högskola, inom området optik, optronik och fotonik och som ska ha varit klart och godkänt under det gångna läsåret (lå 2014/15). Priset ska gå till det arbetet som bedöms mest prisvärt ur olika synpunkter, till exempel, samhällsnyttighet, möjlig praktisk tillämpning, ingenjörsmässighet samt hög teknisk-vetenskaplig nivå. Hänsyn kommer också att tas till rapportens kvalitet (språk, disposition mm). Huvudpriset består normalt av ett diplom och ett personligt stipendium på 6,000 kr. Ytterligare ett eller två priser om 2,000 kr kan också delas ut.

Nominering till priserna sker via kontaktpersoner vid landets högskolor och universitet och beslutet tas av en speciell kommitté med representanter för både skolorna och för industrin.

Nomineringarna ska ha inkommit till PhotonicSweden senast den 31 juli 2015. Vi ber er läsa statuterna (bifogade) och skicka era förslag per mejl så snart som möjlig till Petra Bindig på adressen  och till Jens Tellefsen på adressen

Steg 1: Alltså, vi ber er att nominera mycket goda exjobbsrapporter samt deras författare, klara och godkända under läsåret 14/15, i elektronisk form dels till Petra Bindig och dels till Jens Tellefsen senast sista juli. Varje högskola/universitet kan förslå högst två kandidater. Sprid gärna detta meddelande för kännedom till tänkbara intressenter och kollegor.

Steg 2: Vi samlar de inskickade förslagen från hela landet och låter dom granskas av en jury som utses av PhotonicSweden och som i sin tur utser årets pristagare.

2015-05-18: ADOPT's researchers talk about photonics on radio
Listen to the interview " Photonics - Light instead of electrons " from Sverigesradio.

2015-04-21: "Kulturnatt Stockholm" at the Nobel museum focuses on light
On Saturday evening, April 25, the Nobel museum will arrange a series of talks and activities focusing on light, optics and photonics. Among other things Prof. Gunnar Björk at the ADOPT center will speak about Albert Einstein and his contributions to optics, leading to his 1921 Nobel Prize in physics. See the whole evening program .

2015-04-08: ADOPT nurtures Swedish Young Talents
Anton Möller, 18, from Sandbackaskolan, Arvidsjaur, won the Swedish largest competition for young talents in science and technology “Utställningen Unga Forskare”, and now counts among 80 of the world’s most accomplished high-school students who shall gather at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the Research Science Institute (RSI) summer program.

The Unga Forskares Prize recognized Anton’s scientific achievements in “Modelling Three-Wave-Mixing Processes in Nonlinear Optical Crystals” with the following motivation: “The contribution has a remarkable scientific height and set exceptionally high demands in the mastering of very advanced concepts”. Anton developed his research as an Affiliate Young Scholar at KTH (Norrbottens Läns Arbetsstugor and Rotary Arvidsjaurs Ungdomsstipendium) in the framework of Katia Gallo’s ADOPT project “Engineering polarization entanglement in LiNbO3 devices”. Press release.

2015-04-01: ADOPT researchers publicize photonics
Within the framework of International Year of Light 2015, two ADOPT researchers, Lars Thylén and Lech Wosinski, have written a popular-science article on the bright future of photonics. The article, titled "The next technological leap comes with photonics", appeared in magazine "Forskning & Framsteg" in March 2015. Read the article (in Swedish).

2015-02-12: ADOPT celebrates Year of Light
The United Nations has declared 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based technologies (IYL2015, ) to raise international awareness of the importance of light for mankind and how light can help forming our future. Visit  for relavent activities in Sweden. Ann-Marie Pendrill nationellt resurscentrum för fysik lund universitet ( and Petra Bindig PhotonicSweden ( are national contact points regarding the year's celebrations

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