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News 2016

2016-11-08: JORCEP workshop and ACP conference prize
A few ADOPT researchers participated the annual JORCEP (Joint Research Center in Photonics) workshop, together with colleagues from Lund University, Zhejiang University, and South China Academy of Advanced Optoelectronics. The workshop consists of 20 interesting seminars given by different research groups. This year for the first time JORCEP workship is an official part of the ACP conference (Asia Communications and Photonics Conference), the biggest conference in asian-pacific region on optical communication, photonics, optical sensing, and related optoelectronic technologies.

This year’s ”Conference Best Paper Award” goes to ADOPT PhD student Sun Xu (Supervisor Lech Wosinski) with paper contribution “Hollow Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide Used for Electro-optic Phase Modulation”. Xu (4th from the left in the picture below) received his prize from hands of the winner of 1997 Nobel prize in physics Steven Chu (left of Xu).

Fourth from the left: Xu Sun

2016-11-01: Research work from ADOPT awarded
Scientific work carried out by ADOPT researchers M. Yan, J. Dai, and M. Qiu is given the 2016 J. Opt. research excellent award, “recognizing their major advancement in the field of optics and, more specifically, their innovative work on developing highly efficient visible light absorbers.” More info about the award . More info about the researchers’ original scientific work.

2016-10-03: Who gets this year’s Nobel prize in Physics?
Swedish Radio speculates that perhaps this year’s prize will go to the proposers of photonic crystals, Eli Yablonovitch and Sajeev John. Listen (in Swedish) about the history and possible future of photonic crystal technology.

2016-09-05: ADOPT sponsors travel to JORCEP workshop
ADOPT will sponsor joint activities with the Joint Research Center in Photonics (JORCEP) through sponsoring  ADOPT scholars to travel to this year's JORCEP workshop. This time the event will take place on 1st of November in Wuhan. A total amount of 40 kSEK is reserved for the sponsorship. Each person will get up to 10 kSEK. Those who would like to get the funding please email to Val Zwiller ( First come first serve.

More info:
As every year we are planning to organize a JORCEP workshop in China. The workshop will take place in Wuhan November 1st and is organized in connection to the largest conference in the Asia-Pacific region on optical communication, photonics and relevant technologies, ACP, November 2-5, 2016. (
JORCEP, The Joint Research Center of Photonics is a research and education collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and Lund University in the areas of nanophotonics, plasmonics, optical metamaterials, optical networking, biophotonics and environmental monitoring. The goal of this workshop is to report and discuss the results of ongoing research in the cooperation projects as well as to explore new areas of collaboration and propose new collaboration projects. Workshop organizers: Erik Forsberg ( from ZJU and Lech Wosinski ( from KTH.

2016-08-24: Bacterial laser commented by Gunnar on radio
ADOPT researcher Gunnar Björk comments on laser with active material made from GFP (Green fluorescent protein) incorporated into an e-coli bacteria. Listen (in Swedish) at  Read the original scientific article .

2016-04-29: PhotonicSweden Annual Meeting on May 26
The annual meeting of PhotonicSweden will be held on May 26, at Electrum, Kista, in meeting-room Knuth at Swedish ICT Acreo. When you arrive, please register at the Acreo reception on level 6 (elevator B). Please, also register in advance at the following Doodle:

2016-04-26: ADOPT gets new center director
On April last the center director Prof. Gunnar Björk will step down on his own request after having had this role for the center’s first eight years. After having been suggested by ADOPT’s board, Prof. Valery Zwiller has been appointed new director from May 1 by KTH’s Vice-rector for research, Prof. Arne Johansson. We thank Gunnar for his devotion over the years in bringing coalescence and synergy to groups working in optics and photonics in the region.

2016-04-17: 30 MSEK SSF grant: Laser-based 3D printing and processing
The project “Laser-based 3D printing and processing” led by Fredrik Laurell won an SSF grant totaling 29 627 388 kr. Project description (translated from Swedish): The objective is to establish an environmental friendly, laser-based fabrication platform in Sweden towards medicine and energy applications. More precisely the project deals with development of laser-based fabrication method for glass and glass composites. Applications can be bioimplant, medical sensor, and solar cell.

2016-04-08: Meeting with Regeringskansliet
On Friday April 15 a group from Regeringskansliet led by  Susanna Jansson will come to Kista and discuss how key enabling technologies can be integrated in the government’s efforts on re-industrialization. The meeting is coordinated by Åsalie Hartmanis from SwedNano Tech and includes Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz from PhotonicSweden and Prof. Gunnar Björk from ADOPT.

2016-03-31: Summer school on Nonlinear and Quantum Optics
The São Paulo Schools of Advanced will this year be a joint event with the traditional XV Jorge Andre Swieca School on Nonlinear and Quantum Optics. The school will be held in Campinas, Brazil on July 17th-29th. Accepted students will get most of their expenses, including travel, covered by the school. Read more

2016-03-04: “Women in Engineering” workshop
On March 11, starting at 15:00, Women in Engineering WIE KTH are organizing a workshop on Professional Leadership at Sal B, Electrum Building, Kista. The event will be open for everyone. More information about the event and the speakers you can find here (pdf 158 kB) .

2016-01-12: Call for collaboration with Zhejiang U.
KTH has decided to support the strategic partnership with Zhejiang University, and have therefore asked ADOPT to solicit projects to sponsor within ADOPT’s research fields . For 2016 KTH have allotted 250 kSEK for this purpose, and ADOPT’s board has decided to match this amount, so all-in-all 500 kSEK is available for collaborative projects for 2016. For 2017 the same amount is expected to be available.
The ADOPT researchers are asked to send in two-page proposals to the center coordinator ( no later than February 19, before 23:59. The proposal should include a project summary, a budget, a list of collaborating researchers and should be signed (a pdf copy is sufficient) of both the proposer and the Zhejiang University collaboration partner.
The requested budget should be seen against the money reserved for this purpose and the fact that the board wishes to support more than one collaboration project. Successful proposals will be granted money for 2016, with a possible prolongation for 2017 conditioned on the progress of the project and on the continued support from central KTH.
The researchers are reminded that Lund Laser Center also actively collaborates with Zhejiang University, so projects involving all three universities are possible and will be looked on favorably.

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