Materials and technology

Period I

Introduction to scanning probe microscopy, 5A5677, 8 credits (ECTS), coordinator: David Haviland, time: period I (start 21/9).

Course homepage - Introduction to scanning probe microscopy

Period III

Nonlinear optical technology, FSK3421, 12 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Jens A Tellefsen, time: period III.

Course description - Nonlinear optical technology (pdf 27 kB)

Period IV

Graduate Seminar in Nanofabrication, SK3760, 7.5 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Anders Liljeborg, time: period IV.

Course plan - Graduate Seminar in Nanofabrication (pdf 193 kB)

Optics, photonics, and spectroscopy

Laser physics, FSK3410, 10.5 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Fredrik Laurell, time: given as per agreement.

Course syllabus - Laser physics (pdf 92 kB)

Laser physics, FSK3411, 12 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Fredrik Laurell, time: given as per agreement.

Course syllabus - Laser physics - Advanced course (pdf 92 kB)

Optics - Basic course for scientists, 5A5500, 10.5 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Göran Manneberg, time: given as per agreement.

Period I

Fourier optics, SK3340, 6 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Ulrich Vogt, time: period I (start 3/9).

Course syllabus - Fourier optics (pdf 40 kB)

Period III

Optics continuation course on near field and semiconductor optics, 2B5318, 6 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Saulius Marcinkevicius, time: period III (start 2/2).

Course homepage - Optics continuation course

Quantum electronics and quantum optics

Period II

Quantum optics, FK7017/F2B5312, 7.5 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Mohamed Bourennane (SU), Gunnar Björk, time: period II (start 3/11).

Course syllabus - Quantum optics (pdf 169 kB)

Devices, circuits, and systems

Device modelling and circuit simulation, F2B5514, 7.5 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Urban Westergren, time: given as per agreement.

Course syllabus - Device modelling and circuit simulation (pdf 31 kB)

Period II

Photonic devices and circuits, F2B5399, 12 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Richard Schatz, Anders Larsson (CTH), time: period II (start 4/11).

Course syllabus - Photonic devices and circuits (pdf 25 kB)

Inter-sectorial courses

Innovation and Technology Management, ME3506, 4.5 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Mary Spaeth, time: period IV (start 16/3).

Course homepage - Innovation and Technology Management

Practicals for Ph.D. students, FIT3000, 1.5 credits (ECTS), coordinator: Eilert Berglind, time: period I.

Course plan - Practicals for Ph.D. students (pdf 11 kB)

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