Mini projects

ADOPT Proposal: Internal mini grants for Ph. D. Students

The idea

The PhD students of the ADOPT center will be offered a possibility to apply for their own mini projects. These projects can be an idea that they want to try out, an extra experiment they want to conduct before they finish their PhD, an idea a bit outside their specific PhD project, etc. The mini project should be approved by the student’s advisor but the intention is the mini project should be initiated by the student and not by the advisor. The money can be used for the student’s own salary, equipment, material, and consultants. The money can NOT be used for a conference trip, but it can cover a trip expenses if (and only if) the trip purpose is an experiment/ collaboration. It is also intended that the mini project grant supports costs outside of the students’ main project. It is not to be used as a means of internal support for poorly financed, ongoing projects.

The evaluation panel will be formed by two PhD students and by the center coordinator. Of course, the panel members should not rate applications from their own group.


The goals we intend to achieve are:

  • More engagement from the PhD students in their research field.
  • Gain more training in writing applications and proposals. This is of importance not only for an academic career, but also for industry.
  • Gain more training in project management (a demand from academia and industry)
  • A “mixed” evaluation group should help to flatten a bit the existing hierarchy in the academic world.


  • In the initial round the total budget will be 100 kSEK to support up to three mini projects
  • The application can cover up to 80% of the total mini project budget.
  • Suggested application format (no form exist):
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Project description (max 2 pages)
  • Budget
  • Project account number where the money is to be transferred
  • CV
  • Letter of support from his/her advisor
  • Suggested evaluation form:
  • Each member of the evaluation group should read ALL the applications and should rate all projects not sent in by their own group members.
  • Following a discussion the evaluation group decides who gets a grant.


Deadline for this year was October 12 and the decision for this year’s mini grants has already been taken. Please see the ADOPT news archive for information about the result.

Ethical issues

It is of utmost importance that the advisers do not “use” the Ph D students to get money for their own ideas as this defeat the program’s purpose.

Past projects

Near-field Optical Microscopy

Mode-locking of an Yb:KYW laser with carbon nanotubes

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