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Winter School 2010

The winter school on Photonics for Energy, organised by Linné Center on Advanced Optics and Photonics (ADOPT, at KTH was held in Romme, Sweden on March 12-14. The lecture topics given by international experts are of utmost relevance to the energy needs of today and tomorrow. Romme is also a nice ski-resort ( which was well made use of by the participants for skiing during the free time.

Link to conference report with programme

Most of the participants at the 2010 Winter School in Romme.
Most of the participants at the 2010 Winter School in Romme.

The winter school has been registered as a Ph.D. course yielding 2 ECTS credits. Its description is given here.

Winter School - Course Description (pdf 23 kB)

Lecture notes and additional information for some of the lecturers:

Klaus Streubel - Abstract and Biography (pdf 104 kB)

Klaus Streubel - Solid state Lighting (pdf 2.0 MB)

Andreas Piontek - Abstract and Curriculum Vitae (pdf 54 kB)

Andreas Piontek - EU vision on photovoltaics (pdf 2.0 MB)

Knut Deppert - Abstract and Biography (pdf 44 kB)

Min Qiu - Basics of plasmonics (pdf 9.1 MB)

Romain Quidant - Plasmonics for Photovoltaics (pdf 2.1 MB)

Romain Quidant - Plasmon Optics: basics (pdf 12.6 MB)

Muhammet Toprak - Abstract and Curriculum Vitae (pdf 88 kB)

Muhammet Toprak - Colloidal Q-dot solar cells (pdf 9.3 MB)

Uwe Zimmermann - Abstract and Biography (pdf 241 kB)

Uwe Zimmermann - Solid state solar cells (pdf 7.4 MB)

Hilmi Volkan Demir - Abstract and Biography (pdf 63 kB)

Hilmi Volkan Demir - Nanophotonic Solutions for High-Quality White LEDs (pdf 10.8 MB)

George Vamvounis - Abstract and Biography (pdf 22 kB)

Marika Edoff - Abstract and Biography (pdf 222 kB)

Marika Edoff - Solar business - from research to enterprise (pdf 771 kB)

Sebastian Lourdudoss
Director, ADOPT Graduate School

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