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Aim and vision

Our vision is to form a center in Stockholm that is internationally leading in selected areas of optics and photonics.

The research problems we will address are long-term, and some are high risk but have the potential for a substantial impact. The grant will primarily go towards funding of young faculty- and Ph.D.-positions.

Specific roles this “Center” will assume are:

  • Provide a stable basis and a nursery for fundamental science and technologies that may develop into application-oriented projects or products.
  • Drive a renewal process of both the research in optics and photonics, and for the faculty and staff involved in the center, by attracting talented researchers and students, and provide funding for them
  • Proactively address the gender balance within the center by identifying external, talented female researchers and offer them what could best be described as a “tenure track” position. Simultaneously we will offer our existing female Ph.D. students career counseling with the aim to increase the fraction that decides to “stay in science”.
  • Simplify interdisciplinary projects and cooperative research projects between KTH Kista and KTH/SU Albanova.
  • Support and participate in the Graduate school of Physics at KTH.
  • Serve as an education and competence center for advanced optics and photonics, and hence be a valuable resource to Swedish industry and society.

The projects will be open-ended and curiosity driven. The keywords will be excellence and innovation.

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