Overview of Biomechanical Research at KTH

The Schools in KTH which have applications within biomechanical research are following:

The School of Engineering Sciences
At the SCI school several biomechanical projects are ongoing with the following  research topics

  • clinical applications of human movement lead by Lanie Gutierrez - Farewik 
  • mechanics of soft tissues lead by Christian Gasser 
  • sport performance lead by Anders Erikson 
  • thin-walled membranes lead by Anders Erikson  
  • respiratory flow dynamics lead by Mihai Mihaescu 
  • arterial blood flow and hemodynamics lead by Lisa Prahl - Wittberg and Laszlo Fuchs 

The STH school focuses on the following biomechanical research topics

  • head/neck injury prevention lead by Svein Kleiven
  • helmet testing methods and new helmet testing standards lead by Peter Halldin 
  • clinical neuroscience lead by Hans von Holst 
  • Neural interfaces and implants lead by Tobias Nyberg and Mats Nilsson 

At the SCS school, biomechanics research is conducted within

  • computational neuroscience lead by Örjan Ekeberg 
  • robotics for manipulation lead by Hedvig Kjellström and Danica Kragic 
  • exoskeletons for medical use lead by Christian Smith and Danica Kraic

The School of Industrial Engineering and Management 
At ITM school biomechanical research are performed in

  •  mechatronics and robotics lead by Jan Wikander and Martin Grimheden