Odqvist Laboratory

The Odqvist Laboratory for Experimental Mechanics is unique in Sweden and offers advanced measurement methods and experimental facilities covering most aspects of Engineering Mechanics. We aim at collaborating with national and international academic and industrial partners to develop and apply innovative experimental methods. Contact us!   odqvistlab@kth.se


The Odqvist Laboratory for Experimental Mechanics offers a unique combination of experimental facilities including wind tunnels, anechoic, semi-anechoic and reverberant acoustic chambers, digital image correlation (DIC) systems, …. 


At Odqvist Laboratory for Experimental Mechanics a broad range of challenging research topics in the field of Experimental Mechanics is addressed, going from suspension flows of highly non-spherical particles to magneto-sensitive elastomers. 

2nd Odqvist Laboratory Users Meeting

The 2nd Annual Users Meeting of the Odqvist Laboratory will be held on Tuesday December 1, 2015.  Invitation (pdf 460 kB)


4th Symposium on the Acoustics of Poro-elastic Materials (SAPEM)

The fourth edition of the international symposium on the acoustics of poro-elastic materials (SAPEM) will be held at KTH 16-18 December 2014.

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