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ÆSIR is a student rocketry association founded in 2016 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

ÆSIR have around 40 members every year, which are all students at KTH. Roughly half of the members are international students and we cover many disciplines and levels of study, although most of the members study Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Vehicle Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics and Mechanical Engineering.

The association is focused on rocketry, but is much more than just a place where rockets are built. It is a community and meeting place for people with interest in rocketry or space. The members also get the chance to experience real-world advanced engineering projects, that can provide them with skills and knowledge which make them stand out from the crowd.

About ÆSIR

ÆSIR was created to provide a forum for students with an interest in rocketry, where they can develop their passion and knowledge in practical aerospace projects. ÆSIRs goal is to educate students in rocketry and engineering and give the members real world engineering experience. The activities of the association will further strengthen the position of KTH as one of the leading Aerospace Universities.

ÆSIRs mission is to become one of the top student organisations for rocket building in the world, by breaking and holding the student rocketry altitude record in Europe (which is currently above 30 kilometers). Ultimately, ÆSIR intends to reach altitudes beyond the 120 kilometer mark.

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