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The Student Satellite MIST

KTH Space Centre gives students the opportunity to build a real satellite that will be sent to space.

Here you can read the blog about the ongoing work with the satellite MIST

The satellite is a 3U CubeSat, primarily built by students working in small teams. The project was defined in 2014, and the work started on January 28, 2015. The project is lead by Sven Grahn, an experienced satellite project manager.

Seven technical and scientific experiments are included in the KTH student satellite MIST (MIniature STudent satellite). The experiments have been proposed from inside KTH, from two Swedish companies and from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Kiruna.





Prototype CubeSat propulsion system

NanoSpace AB, Uppsala


Test of key parts of a mass spectrometer

Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna

Piezo LEGS

Test of piezoelectric linear motor

Piezomotor AB, Uppsala


X-ray Background Explorer

Particle & astroparticle physics, KTH

SiC in Space Test of SiC operational amplifier Integrated Devices and Circuits, KTH


Microfluidic Orbital Resuscitation of Bacteria

Proteomics and Nanobiotech., KTH


New method for trapping data errors.

Dept. of Electronic Systems, KTH

Rendering of MIST satellite.

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