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Build KTH's first student satellite

Join and help design and build MIST, the first student satellite at KTH.

In January 2015 the first student team started working on the design of MIST. The objective is to build the satellite during 2015-2017 and launch it soon after that.

Each semester a new student team consisting of about 10 students works on the exiting and challenging task it is to build a satellite. The project is lead by the experienced satellite project manager Sven Grahn and ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang is responsible for the project as director of KTH Space Center.

Here you can read the blog about the ongoing work with the satellite MIST

Apply for next semester's student team

There is no demands regarding either field of study nor year of study on students that wish to conribute to the project. The work involves many different subjects such as physics, electronics, mechanics, control systems engineering, software development and space technology. 

The work with MIST can be done as a bachelor thesis, a master thesis or a project course and thus the project attracts students from many different fields of study and stages in their education. 

If interested please contact Sven Grahn.


Sven Grahn,

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