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Sun tracker

The Sun tracker – or its real name OTUS L170-SUNTRK – is a part of the PoGO+ pointing system. It is equipped with an optical position sensor from the Gothenburg situated company Sitek  and specially developed torque motors that makes it possible to follow the sun with a very high accuracy.

The Sun tracker was developed by the Linköping situated company DST Control  that usually develops and sells gyro-stabilised camera systems for drones. Just as the company’s standard products the Sun tracker has been developed using modern freeform methods – i.e. 3D printer technique – and modern plastic materials. Consequently the Sun tracker could be realised and tested on record time.

As you can see in the picture below, the Sun tracker was situated on top of the gondola. After the mission completion a parachute was unfolded to smooth the landing from 40 km altitude. But even with the parachute there was somewhat a crash-landing where PoGO+ landed on its “head”. If you consider that an almost 2 tonnes heavy instrument landed on the Sun tracker it looks remarkably well-preserved!

A close up of the Sun tracker before the flight and the crash. (Photo: M. Kiss)
The Sun tracker when mounted on top of the gondola. (Photo: M. Kiss)
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