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Mirror Furnace

This piece of equipment have flown to space as many as 6 times! It is a mirror furnace for metal solidification experiments in microgravity (a.k.a. weightlessness).

It has been launched into space on a rocket from Esrange in northern Sweden six times between December 1977 and May 1983. Each rocket reached an altitude of about 260 km and their payloads were recovered by parachute.

The purpose was to study the crystalline structure of alloys that solidified in micrpgravity. The furnace was developed and manufactured by the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) in Solna, Sweden. At each launch ten such furnaces were included. The first scientist to use these furnaces was Hasse Fredriksson, professor of Casting of Metals at KTH.

This shows the launch from Esrange of one of the rockets that carried the furnaces
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