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The Sigvard Eklund Prize Winners of 2015

Hans Henriksson, Director of SKC, handed over the Sigvard Eklund Prize in three categories, best Bachelor, Masters and PhD thesis, during the SKC symposium in Sigtuna October 8 2015.

Cheuk Wah Lau, Giulio Imbalzano, Hans Henriksson, SKC, Klara Insulander Björk, and Johan Larsson at the prize ceremony 2015 at Sigtunahöjden in Sigtuna.

The prize for best Bachelor thesis, 25 000 SEK, was given to Johan Larsson, Uppsala University, for his thesis: “Dokumentation av underhållssimulatorer för utbildning i vardagssäkerhet” (pdf 1.2 MB) .

The prize for best Master thesis 2015, 35 000 SEK, was given to Giulio Imbalzano for his thesis: “First principle calculations of the residual resistivity of defects in metals” (pdf 791 kB)

The prize for best PhD thesis 2015, 50 000 SEK, was divided between Klara Insulander Björk and Cheuk Wah Lau for their work on Thorium in today’s reactors. The theses are entitled: “Thorium fuels for Light Water Reactors” (pdf 6.0 MB)  and “Improved PWR Core Characteristics with Thorium-containing Fuel” (pdf 576 kB) .

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