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Nomination to the Sigvard Eklund prize

The Nomination should be made by a supervisor or teacher and not by the writer him/her self.

SKC issues the Sigvard Eklund prize each year for best PhD thesis, Master's thesis (examensarbete civilingenjör/motsv) and Bachelor´s thesis (examensarbete högskoleingenjör)

In order to support nuclear research and education at the country's higher education institutions, the Swedish Nuclear Centre has established Sigvard Eklund's Prize on

  • SEK 50,000 for the best doctoral thesis,
  • SEK 35,000 for best master's thesis and
  • SEK 25,000 for the best degree project at bachelor/master's level.

Nominating a student is relatively easy and doesn't require much of your time. Winning the prize, on the other hand, can make a big difference for the student and is also a great opportunity to show off the university as well as the supervisor! The nomination cannot be made by the author, but must be done by the supervisor or teacher.

The nomination shall include:

1. Brief nomination justification.

2. Diploma (no more than two years old). You can apply no more than twice with the same degree project.

3. Three copies or copies of the thesis/degree project.

4. Full contact information for the nominee (address, telephone number, email)

5. Full contact information for the nominee.

Nominations must be submitted by 7 July 2021 to:

SKC that. Sefora Deb

Sigvard Eklund's Prize

Roslagstullsbacken 21

106 91 Stockholm

A digital copy of the nomination, which includes paragraphs 1 to 5 above, shall also be sent to the

Belongs to: SKC
Last changed: Jun 09, 2021