SKC Symposium in Enköping October 10-11 2017

SKC symposium and 25 years jubilee took place at Fagerudd konferens in Enköping! This year the symposium was held in cooperation with Westinghouse.

The SKC annual symposium, held at Fagerudd, Enköping, 10-11 Oct, was well attended both by our students and industry. In addition also former directors were invited, as well as external presenters/panelists from CEA, SwedEnergy and SKS. At this occasion, SKC celebrated its 25 year anniversary with 65 participants.

Attendants at the SKC symposium and 25-year jubilée, 2017
Fagerudd konferens

At the symposium the two Sigvard Eklund Prize winners, PhD Zsolt Elter (Chalmers, now Uppsala University) and MSc Mimmi Bäck (KTH, now OKG), presented their work. At the dinner a prize ceremony the winners got diplomas and the prize money of 50000 kr and 35000 kr respectively.

Left: Winner of the best dissertation category, Zsolt Elter, Chalmers, Director SKC Hans Henriksson, winner of the best master thesis category, Mimmi Bäck, KTH.
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