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Doctoral studies in Vehicle and Maritime Engineering

The doctoral program is intended for doctoral students with common applications within vehicle related research, for example, vehicle dynamics, aero- and hydrodynamics properties, materials and acoustic properties. Together with applied mechanics and mathematics, the research comprises the important areas of systems engineering, ergonomics, ecology, behavioral science, damage prevention and logistics.

General subject study plan and program description

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Research areas

The doctoral program Vehicle and Maritime Engineering has the aim of gathering doctoral students at KTH whose scientific basis is in subjects related to terrestrial and maritime craft, their development, design, manufacture, use and maintenance as part of a sustainable transport system. There are at six subjects for education at research level with research in the field concerned (excluding aeronautical engineering, which has its own doctoral program):

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Rail Vehicle
  • Technology, Lightweight Structures
  • Technical Acoustics
  • Marine Systems and Vehicle Aerodynamics with joint guidelines for curriculum and joint subject courses of study

The overarching aim and goal

The aim and goal of the education is based on Högskoleförordningen .

  • Create a multidisciplinary research level training program of the highest international class. The activities will mainly encompass the divisions which comprise the basis for the Master’s programs in Vehicle Engineering, Naval Architecture and Engineering Mechanics/Technical Acoustics–Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory (MWL). Thus, the expertise of KTH in land - and sea - based vehicle engineering is collected in a doctoral program within the framework of the present organization.
  • Create smoothly functioning collaboration with other divisions and departments at KTH which have activities in vehicle and marine engineering. For example, the creation of the doctoral program links in parts of the division for Neuronics to the subject for training at research level and thereby al so research on numerical models of the human body for damage prevention, and on driver ergonomics. The doctoral program broadens the doctoral training environment that has emerged in the Centre for ECO 2 Vehicle Design by adding seaborne craft and research students working in this subject area.
  • Create a sense of belonging, increased quality and the potential for synergy effects and interaction between the various doctoral groups and the disciplines.

Study plan and program description

Study plan Vehicle and Maritime Engineering (pdf 220 kB)

Program description Vehicle and Maritime Engineering (pdf 226 kB)

The application process

KTH Royal Institute of Technology announces vacancies for the PhD student program on its central recruiting platform. Please note that you can only apply for this PhD program if it is advertised on the KTH website.

How to become at PhD student at KTH

PhD studies at KTH


General questions about postgraduate education at KTH?

Please contact the central Service Center at KTH.

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