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Department of mathematics

The department is one of the leading mathematical departments in Scandinavia. We conduct successful research in both pure and applied mathematics. Our teaching is extensive and is an important part of most programs at KTH.

Anders Forsgren´s research will improve the treatment of cancer

Anders Forsgren´s research of optimization problems have many application areas. One particular area is optimization of radiation therapy. The optimization problems that he studies are typically large-scale, several thousands of variables, and the functions are in general nonlinear. The solution methods are typically constructed so that they solve a sequence of simpler subproblems that eventually give the solution to the original problem. Read more about his resarch.

Jonatan´s research focuses on monster waves and black holes.

When two nonlinear waves meet, the result can be more than the sum of the individual parts. An extreme example is the sudden creation of a monster wave on the ocean which alone can demolish a large ship. Read more about Jonatan´s research.


Newly started MathDataLab

Read more about Brummer & Partners MathDataLab and their activities. The Lab will recruiting 2-4 postdocs.


Stockholm Mathematics Center

Take part of the mathematical offerings in the Stockholm region.

Stockholm Mathematics Centre

Swedish Study Group: Mathematics in Society

Workshop for interaction between the society and mathematicians in the academia: 19-24 August.

Deadline for participants: May 31.

Read more

Sweden – Becoming a World Leader in Mathematics

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Matematisk cirkel

Math Circle

If you are in high school, you can follow our math circle about geometrical constructions.

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Research centre

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