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Department of mathematics

The department is one of the leading mathematical departments in Scandinavia. We conduct successful research in both pure and applied mathematics. Our teaching is extensive and is an important part of most programs at KTH.

Göran Gustafsson Prizes to Department of mathematics

Kevin Schnelli and David Rydh have been awarded Göran Gustafsson Prizes for 2017.

Kevin Schnelli

David Rydh


Swedish lunch at the department

We at the department and in Sweden in general are good at talking English, which means that someone who wants to learn our language rarely get a chance to practice. A lot of people have expressed a wish to talk and learn more Swedish but find it difficult. Ann-Britt came up with an idea about having Swedish lunches. We meet every Wednesday at 12 in the Lounge. These lunches are strictly for employees at the department of mathematics. Everyone from the department are welcome to participate, just e-mail Ann-Britt, annbritt@kth.se, and you will be added to the send list and get some more information.



Stockholm mathematics center

Take part of the mathematical offerings in the Stockholm region.


Sweden – Becoming a World Leader in Mathematics

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Math circle

Math circle

If you are in high school, you can follow our math circle about what numbers really are.

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