KTH & SU Algebra and Geometry Seminar, Fall 2017


Seminars start 13.15. When at KTH, then in room 3418, and when at SU, then in room 306. Divergence from this is marked with a "*" and completed by, if needed, neccessary information. The format is either 60 minutes, or 2x45 minutes where the first 45 minutes are targeting graduate students.

David Rydh  (KTH) and Gregory Arone / Alexander Berglund  (SU)

Date Time Place Speaker Title  
30 Aug 13-14 KTH 3418 no seminar    
6 Sep 13:15 SU 306 David Eklund, KTH Computing the Euler characteristic of line bundles  
13 Sep 13:15 KTH 3418 Maksim Maydanskiy, Uppsala universitet Lagrangian submanifolds from reduction AB
20 Sep 13:15 SU 306 Christian Johansson, Cambridge Vanishing theorems for Siegel modular varieties of infinite Gamma_1-level WG
27 Sep 15:15-16:15 Oskar Klein, Albanova SMC Colloquium: Gerard van der Geer    
4 Okt 13:15 SU 306 Wanmin Liu, IBS Center for Geometry and Physics, Pohang On exceptional collections of line bundles of maximal length on the blow-ups of P^3 DR
11 Okt 13:15 KTH 3418 Alessandro Oneto, Inria Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée Combinatorial tools for new questions on planar polynomial interpolation MB
18 Okt 13:15 SU 306 Mehdi Tavakol, MPI Bonn Tautological classes on curves with special linear systems JB
25 Okt 13:15 SU 306* Elizabeth Wulcan, Chalmers Chern forms of metrics with analytic singularities DR
1 Nov 13:15 SU 306 Tobias Ekholm, Uppsala universitet Duality between Legendrian and Lagrangian invariants AB
8 Nov 13:15 KTH 3418 Emre Sertöz, MPI Leipzig Enumerative geometry of double spin curves DR
15 Nov 13:15 SU 306 Lisa Nicklasson, Stockholm University The strong Lefschetz property of monomial complete intersections in two variables  
22 Nov 13:15 KTH 3418 Andrea Ricolfi, University of Stavanger The DT/PT correspondence for smooth curves DR
29 Nov 15:15-16:15 Oskar Klein, Albanova SMC Colloquium: Viviane Baladi    
6 Dec 13:15 KTH 3418 Tomasz Szemberg, University of Kraków New developments on Waldschmidt constants SDR
13 Dec 13:15 SU 306 Martin Herschend, Uppsala universitet 2-hereditary algebras from hypersurfaces  
19 Dec 13:15 KTH F11 Jan Stevens, Chalmers Stably Newton non-degenerate singularities RS
20 Dec 13:15 KTH 3418 Evangelos Routis, Kavli IPMU Complete complexes and spectral sequences DR
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