KTH & SU Algebra and Geometry Seminar, Spring 2015


Seminars start 13.15. When at KTH, then in room 3418, and when at SU, then in room 306. Divergence from this is marked with a "*" and completed by, if needed, neccessary information. The format is either 60 minutes, or 2x45 minutes where the first 45 minutes are targeting graduate students.

Date Time Place Speaker Ttitle  
14 Jan 13:15-14:15 SU 306 Claudia Landi, Universita degli studi Di Modena e Reggio Emilia Computational topology and shape comparison  
21 Jan 13:15-14:15 KTH 3418 Runar Ile, University of Bergen Rational Singularities, reflexive modules, and flops. DR
28 Jan 13:15-14:15 SU 306 Ornella Greco, KTH Betti numbers of Veronese modules. MB
4 Feb 14:00 KTH F3 Ph.D. Defence of Ornella Greco and colloquium   MB
11 Feb 13:15-15:00 SU 306 Wanmin Liu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology The Bridgeland Stability Conditions on surfaces and the Birational Geometry of Moduli Spaces. MB
18 Feb 13:15-14:15 KTH 3418 Wojciech Chacholski, KTH Multi persistence and topological data analysis. WC
4 Mar 13:15-15:00 KTH 3418 Grégory Ginot, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) A (generalized) Goldman bracket for smooth stacks and equivariant (co)homology with respect to a group stack action. AL
11 Mar 13:15-15:00 SU 306 Rune Haugseng, MPIM Bonn The higher Morita category of E_n-algebras. WC
17 Mar* 13:15-14:15 KTH 3418 Paolo Salvatore, Universita' di Roma, Tor Vergata Rational homotopy type of configuration spaces. AB
25 Mar 13:15-14:15 SU 306 Eivind Eriksen, BI Norwegian Business School Ikke-kommutative deformasjoner og strukturen til endelig-dimensjonale algebraer. RS
1 April 13:15-14:15 KTH 3418 Roy M Skjelnes, KTH Hasse-Schmidt derivations and the localization conjecture. WC
15 April 13:15-15:00 KTH 3418 Oscar Randal-Williams, University of Cambridge Tautological rings for high-dimensional manifolds. WC
29 April 13:15-14:15 KTH 3418 David Rydh, KTH Equivariant Artin algebraization. WC
6 May 13:15-14:15 SU 306 Stephanie Ziegenhagen, Université Paris 13 E_n-cohomology as functor cohomology. WC
13 May 13:15 KTH 3418 Lukas Katthän, University of Osnabrück. Stanley depth, partitionable simplicial complexes and the lcm lattice. BN
27 May 13:15 KTH 3418 Arturo Pianzola, University of Alberta, Edmonton Affine-like algebras related to Grothendieck's dessins d'enfants. RF
3 June 13:15-14:15 SU 306 Martina Scolamiero, KTH Multidimensional Persistence and Noise. WC
10 June 13:15-15:00 KTH 3418 Luke Oeding, Auburn University Algebraic Vision, The Quadrifocal Variety. SD
17 June 13:15-14:15 SU 306 John Christian Ottem,University of Cambridge Cremona transformations and elliptic normal curves. SD
17 June * 9:15-10:15 KTH 3418 Sergey Fomin, University of Michigan Join with combinatorics seminar, Computing without subtracting (and/or dividing).  

David Rydh

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